ISKCON and the Internet

By Radha Mohan dasReflections on the futureAs everyone knows, today the Internet is the principle mode of local and international communication, especially for younger generations. It has been with us for about 20 years now, yet in such a short time it has had a profound impact on nearly all individuals, organisations, governments, businesses and […]

Brief History of ISKCON Toronto

BY: VISVAKARMA DASADec 27, 2010 — TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA During Srila Prabhupada’s visit they took him on a tour of the current temple at 243 Avenue Road, and was very pleased with this site. He said that he would lend the money from the BBT to purchase the building. Jagadisa made the offer and they […]

The power of humility – a personal tale

The early 1980’s were exhilarating times in the Irish Yatra.  Dublin in particular was the place to be if you were young, enthusiastic and fearless!  We were definitely causing a stir with our high profile Harinama’s up and down O’Connell St, media appearances and concentrated book distribution. By Uddhava DasThe early 1980’s were exhilarating times […]

Radhadesh Film Offers Up Lentil Soup for the Soul

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 25 Dec 2010Film-maker Vasudeva Dasa had planned to spend only three days at ISKCON’s Radhadesh community in rural Belgium to celebrate the annual Janmastami festival, when a doctor advised him to stop traveling and rest for three weeks—and he got an unexpected offer that would make a strong […]

Krishna or Christ, the name is the same

Then what is the meaning of the Christians’ love for God? If you do not follow the orders of God, then where is your love? Therefore we have come to teach what it means to love God: If you love Him, you cannot be disobedient to His orders. And if you’re disobedient, your love is […]

Radhacharan Dasa: The Deity Designer

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 17 Dec 2010It all began for Yves Ayoun when, as a young boy growing up in Paris in the early 1970s, he was instantly drawn to the ISKCON devotees that he regularly saw chanting Hare Krishna on the streets of the French capital. It all began for Yves […]

ISKCON Member Appointed Chaplain to Oxford University

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 17 Dec 2010Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Shaunaka Rishi Dasa, also an ISKCON devotee, has recently been appointed Hindu Chaplain to Oxford University, the first to take on such a role in the history of the famous 900-year-old school. Director of the Oxford Centre for […]

A Tale Of Two Herds

By Juliette Jowitt for The Guardian on 16 Dec 2010It is an picture of unmitigated bliss. Tulsi and Radika, a pair of beautiful dairy shorthorns, shuffle quietly in knee-deep straw; Gopi chomps a carrot offered by a visitor and Sarasavati and Padmavato murmur beside two calves born a few weeks ago. The Hare Krishna herd […]

Serbian Krishna Devotee Wins In The European Court of Human Rights

By Krishna-lila Dasi for ISKCON News on 17 Dec 2010Zivota Milanovic a member of the Hare Krishna community, was attacked five times between 2001. and 2007 because of his religious beliefs. The assailants beat him with baseball bats, stabbed him, cut his sikha off and engraved a cross onto his head with a knife. On […]

President urges ok for controversial Hare Krishna temple

14/Dec/2010By Kaitlyn Offer, Midland-Kalamunda ReporterTHE controversial development of a Hare Krishna Temple in Lesmurdie should be approved if the best outcome for everyone is to happen, according to Shire of Kalamunda President Don McKechnie. THE controversial development of a Hare Krishna Temple in Lesmurdie should be approved if the best outcome for everyone is to […]