The Complex Karma of Haiti

By Vineet Chander for Om Sweet Om on 10 Feb 2010 Haiti is just the latest example of mass suffering in the material world.It is natural, though never pleasant, to question the workings of the Divine when we see (and feel, and weep over) suffering on a grand scale.    In the West, philosophers like […]

Secondary Schools to Follow UK’s First Hindu State Primary

By Madhava Smullen on 29 Jan 2010The Independent The I-Foundation—the leading Hindu charity behind the UK’s first and so far only Hindu state school—has already announced plans to build at least one secondary school within the next six years, with sites earmarked in North London and Leicester. Although the Krishna Avanti School only officially opened […]

Juhu Rathayatra Festival 2010

BY: BASU GHOSH DAS Feb 03, BARODA, INDIA (WVPB) — On Friday, January 29, 2010, ISKCON Juhu, Bombay celebrated its 30th annual Jagannath Rathayatra festival. The Rathayatra festival was inaugurated by local MLA (“Member of the Maharashtra Assembly”, the legislative branch of the Government of Maharashtra) Ashokbhau Jadhav, and Sri Dilip Patel, the Chairman of […]

History Made in Vrindavan Kumbha Mela

By Deena Bandhu (das) ACBSP (Vrindavan – IN) On the 31st of January we had an incredible procession for Srila Prabhupada’s and ISKCON’s entrance into the Vrindavan Kumbha Mela with Srila Prabhupada riding regally on an elephant. Now in previous Kumbha Melas since we got Lokanatha Maharaja as an offical Mahanta, we have our place […]

All schools are ‘faith schools’ of one kind or another

By Krpamoya Das For thousands of years, all schools were ‘faith schools’…The critics of faith schools – and religion in general – have now had a few days to register their comments on the opening of the new Krishna-Avanti School in north London. They have not been silent. The Krishna-Avanti School is a very modern […]

Devotees Pray for Yamuna’s Future With Global Kirtan

Written by Madhava Smullen Hundreds of thousands of devotees, holy men and pilgrims will gather for the Vrindavana Kumbha Mela, taking a ceremonial dip in the sacred Yamuna River at Keshi Ghat on Saturday January 30th. The event is held once every twelve years, alongside the official Kumbha Mela, which rotates between the holy places […]

Krishna Avanti Primary School opens its doors

by Radha Mohan Das The Krishna Avanti School opened its doors to the press for the first time on Friday 29th January. The School is the first Voluntary Aided Hindu faith school in Britain and is also the most eco-friendly. The School, in the London borough of Harrow also marks the country’s first vegetarian state […]

ISKCON Juhu Anniversary Celebrations

Devotees at ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai celebrated the 32nd anniversary of their Sri Sri Radha- Rasabihari temple this January 14th, on the festive occasion of Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti, which falls on the same date every year, marks the arrival of the sun-god in the Northern Hemisphere and is celebrated throughout India with much gaiety and […]

NA Temple Presidents/GBC Meeting

By The members of the NA GBC/Executive CommitteeFrom January 14-18 the North American GBCs, Temple Presidents and Leaders met together in Dallas, Texas for the North American Leadership meeting. The following is a short summary and highlights of the meeting: The meeting started on Friday afternoon with a lively kirtan led by Bhaktimarga Swami. Vaisesikha […]

My Spiritual Brothers

Diary of a Traveling Monk – Volume 11, Chapter 1 – November – December, 2009By Indradyumna SwamiWith the hustle-bustle of Hong Kong behind me, I boarded a plane and settled in for the long haul to Sydney. Twenty-eight devotees from my summer festival program in eastern Europe had arrived in Australia the previous week. We […]