Free food charity ‘not needed here’

Hare Krishna group that provides hot meals for needy loses grant and is labelled ‘nuisance’Published: 10th June, 2011
by DAN CARRIERA FREE food service run by Hare Krishnas which provides hot meals for the borough’s most needy has been told it is not wanted. A FREE food service run by Hare Krishnas which provides hot meals […]

North American Leader’s Meetings – New Vrindavan

ISKON NA leaders held their by-annual meeting of 2011 at New Vrindavan Dham. During first two days, North American Executive Committee and GBC meetings were held. The Temple presidents, GBCs, and other ISKCON leadership met on subsequent two and half days from Friday, May 13th through noon on Sunday, May 15th. Reported by Nanda Suta […]

Karnataka High Court Says Bangalore Temple Belongs to ISKCON

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 28 May 2011After over a decade of court battles, the High Court of Karnataka ruled on May 23rd that the Sri Radha Krishan Chandra Mandir in Bangalore—which had originally been an ISKCON temple but had been run by a breakaway group since soon after its construction in 1997—is […]

Temple Profile: Bali, Indonesia

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 28 May 2011Location: The central part of the island of Bali, Indonesia. The temple sits in a rice field next to a small river on the outskirts of the Gianyar District. The 3,800 foot Mount Agung towers above it, while nearby attractions include the Palace of Sukarno, the […]

A Hare Krishna Soup Kitchen With New Orleans Flavors

At a Hare Krishna temple in Mid-City, most of the people who come for the free Sunday meals aren’t the down-and-out usually seen at soup kitchens. There are Hindu families, bicyclers, struggling artists, white men and women with dreadlocks, and penniless travelers who somehow circle the globe. Read more…

ISKCON Mumbai Owns Bangalore Arm

By Contributor for on 24 May 2011High Court says its president, Madhu Pandita Das forged documents. In a verdict that puts an end to a decade-old feud, the High Court of Karnataka on Friday ruled that the entire property of Bangalore’s International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) belongs to the Iskcon Mumbai. High Court […]

The Mayapuris, Mridangum and Mother’s Day: A Divine Experience at ISKCON

By Shobana Muratee for Indo American newsThe Mayapuris, a kirtan band, distinguished by their powerful mridangum beats in punk rock style, performed to a packed audience gathered at the temple’s Gauranga Hall. HOUSTON: After a exhaustive day at Ifest (Houston International Festival) on Sunday, May 8th, serving delicious vegetarian food at the ‘Holy Cow’, singing […]

Week in Paradise

ISKCON Visakhapatnam just concluded week long Residential Bhakti yoga Summer Camp. The following article was submitted by a Summer camp Student for the May issue of voice of krishna magazine. Wanted to share with all of you…. ys, ShyamsunderPriya das ISKCON Vizag https://picasaweb. google. com/Bhaktin. Neha/BhaktiYogaSummerCamp2011# I am 14 and I rarely go to a […]

Monks in Kirtan Concert – San Antonio

The Hare Krishnas are finally in San Antonio, the only major city in the United States that so far has resisted their presence (legendary Vishnujana Swami tried in the early ’70s, with little success). Read more…