Temple Profile, Govindadvipa

President: Manu DasaOne of ISKCON’s most unique temples, Govindadwipa (or Inisrath island) has a fascinating history. According to local Northern Irish historical references, there is some evidence that about 2,000 years ago, that there was indeed a “rath”—a fortified homestead of an extended family headed by a chieftain—on the “Inis,” or island. This rath offered […]

Hare Krishna devotees hold public event

Posted By BILL HENRY, SUN TIMES STAFFKnown also as The Walking Monk, BhaktiMarga Swami had been through Owen Sound twice before. He stopped here during two of the three trips he has made across Canada on foot. The event at Kelso Beach was a festival and celebration much like those in India in the spring; […]

Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Installation Alachua

By Ranjit dasFast forward to 2009. New Raman Reti has become the most successful rural community of devotees in North America with around 350 families living in the area. But Sri Sri Krishna Balarama in Their Deity forms have been waiting for 4 years to appear on the altar in New Raman Reti. In 1975 […]

Ancient Indian Traditional and Scientific Thought on Plants

Jun 05, 2010  — A paper BY N. Sadhale and Y.L. Nene, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh, on the work of Sir J.C. Bose and Vrikshayurveda — ‘Asian Agri-History’, Vol. 13, No. 2.As the oil disaster continues to unfold in the Gulf of Mexico, the citizens of planet earth are perhaps more acutely aware than ever of […]

Design for Moscow’s New Temple Finalized

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 4 Jun 2010After years of negotiating with the government and handling protests from conservative Orthodox Church groups, Hare Krishna devotees are finally completing design work on ISKCON Russia’s new mega-project, the Vedic temple Sri-Sri Radha Madhava Mandir. The Mandir will include an an auditorium, an exhibition center, an […]

Kirtan Takes Over The World!

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 5 Jun 2010The worldwide takeover of kirtan, the ancient spiritual practice of chanting God’s names in a call and response style, continues with no sign of slowing up—and June is one of the busiest months yet. An emerging wold-wide phenomenon.The worldwide takeover of kirtan, the ancient spiritual practice […]

Krishna Culture Tour Kicks Off Cycle of Inspiration

By Madhava Smullen for ISKCON News on 28 May 2010The Krishna Culture Festival Tour is in its sixteenth year. From June 23rd till August 23rd this summer, 28 ISKCON youth from countries as diverse as Poland, England, Bolivia, Canada, and the US will travel 16,000 miles on the Krishna Culture Festival Tour, visiting every state […]

The Mayapuris Beat the Drum for Kirtan

By Madhava Smullen on 29 May 2010With yoga already a household name in the Western World, kirtan—the ancient Gaudiya Vaishnava style of call and response chanting—is quickly gaining the same status. And while ISKCON devotees have been a little late to break into the popular yoga kirtan scene, some ISKCON groups have now risen to […]

Rathyatra and Bhumi Puja at ISKCON Lucknow

BY: VRAJENDRANANDAN DASMay 28, 2010 — NEW DELHI, INDIA (SUN) — On 15th May, ISKCON Lucknow celebrated a colorful Rathayatra. The city of Lucknow is the capital of Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in the country. This city is also known as ‘Laxmanpuri’. H.G. Devkinandan Prabhu, (Zonal Secretary of UP and Rajasthan), H.G. Surapati Prabhu […]

Plugging the Integrity Leak: Lessons from the Mahabharata

By Ramnath Subramanian for The Huffington Post on 18 May 2010Mr. Patrick, an international consultant on business ethics, was giving us a concise yet profound glimpse into a momentous phase of his own life that set the course towards his becoming one of the most successful stockbrokers, only to be arrested by the Interpol and […]