Bhagavad Gita on iPhone

By Milan Doshi Madhusudanan, a budding Krishna devotee and a tech savvy engineer from CISCO has made an application wherein all iPhone users can now download and read or hear ‘The Bhagavad Gita’! Radha Venkat prabhu has introduced him to us . Madhusudanan Prabhu is very enthusiastic to serve the ‘Sankirtana Movement’ in terms of […]

Vedantic Concept of Life

By Phalguni Banerjee for Kangla Online on 10 Oct 2009 The vedantic paradigm is an ancient paradigm and has been well studied within the traditional schools of Vedanta throughout the ages. Science Magazine in its 125th Anniversary Issue came up with the title “What Don’t We Know?”  By Phalguni Banerjee for Kangla Online on 10 Oct 2009 Image: Courtesy […]

ISKCON Authors’ IQ Challenges Evolution Theory

By Madhava Smullen on 10 Oct 2009 After a volley of attacks at God in the past several years from prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris, God’s side is finally fighting back. And some of the most effective efforts are coming from the International Society for Krishna consciousness. By Madhava […]

Battle for Cow Protection has Begun

Posted By Administrator On October 11, 2009 @ 6:36 am In Cow protection, Reports | No Comments A huge 160-foot-long dais was erected, which  had three parts. On the middle part, there was a huge statue of our mother cow. At  the right side, there were religious leaders, while on the left side, leaders from social organizations were seated. Posted By Administrator On […]

Internships – Retail Store Manager Assistant

Retail Store Manager Assistant – 2 PT hours to be determined (store is open 7 days/week, 10am to 7pm) Running and management of gift store Duties Include: receiving stocking pricing organizing storage sheds cashier customer relations ordering – phone and online identifying new products purchasing in India (long term goal)

Internships – Animal Management & Llama Rental

Animal Management, Llama Rental & Youth Volunteer Coordinator – 1 PT, hours to be determined Supervisors: Vaibhavi, Caru Das As stated Duties Include: Cow, peacock & parrot care training of cows on lead – halter training parrot training cleaning cages & stalls coordinating volunteer youth for animal care Llama rental & care scheduling renter orientation […]

Internships – Landscaper & Organic Gardener

Landscaper & Organic Gardener – 1 PT position Supervisors: Vaibavi, Hanuman Building/maintaining landscape plantings and gardens Duties Include: xeriscaping (dryland landscaping) walking path stones, trails/walkways tree pruning designing flower beds fence repair mowing Scheduling, organizing & leading youth service projects (coordinating w/Youth Intern) planting tilling weeding harvesting

Internships – Non-Profit Manager/Intern DA

Non-Profit Manager/Intern Director Assistant – 1 PT (willing to be flexible with hours) Supervisors: Vaibavi, Nitya Assist in the day to day operations of non-profit spiritual organization Duties Include: Administration Finances – filing of receipts and tax papers Quickbooks data entree Thank you notes B-Day gifts from Constant Contact, package and mail Temple Calender – […]

Internships – Kitchen/Cook

Position: Kitchen/Cook Assistant – 1 PT position, hours to be determined Supervisors: Caru Das, Vaibavi, Nitya, Merlin Operation and management of vegetarian buffet Duties Include: cooking prepping bread baking buffet table management festivals – additional hours food service and handling skills food service managerial skills cleaning and equipment maintenance kitchen hygiene required food handler permit […]

Internships – Events & Programs DA

Position: Events & Programs Director Assistant – 1 PT position, 10 am to 3pm, T – Sat, and all events, 1 hour lunch Supervisors: Caru Das, Vaibavi, Nitya, Merlin Planning, set up and onsite management of festivals and cultural events Duties Include: Planning, organizing, & implementing ongoing events & festivals Seven festivals annually, Shiva Ratri […]