The Yogi

Diary of a Traveling Preacher – Volume 10, Chapter 15 – August 24 – September 1, 2009  By Indradyumna Swami The day after our last festival in Poland, I boarded a flight for India and landed the next morning in Delhi.  Diary of a Traveling Preacher – Volume 10, Chapter 15 – August 24 – […]

Education Minister Releases ISKCON Book On Cow Protection

Sep 27, SECUNDERABAD, INDIA (SUN) — Minister of Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Sri D. Sridhar Babu launched the book, To Kill Cow Means to End Human Civilization written by Dr. Sahadeva dasa, in Secunderabad today. BY: BHAKTA CHRIS EVANS Sep 27, SECUNDERABAD, INDIA (SUN) — Minister of Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Sri D. […]

ISKCON’s Second Generation Steps Up at

It all started when second-generation devotee Radha McClellan, who was working as a freelance web designer at the time, got a vague call asking if she wanted to join the new “Krishna project.” Always up for a challenge, Radha said yes. BY: MADHAVA SMULLEN managers Radha, Manu and Uddhava Sep 26, MARYLAND, (SUN) — […]

Penguin Books Launches ISKCON Publication in India

By Madhava Smullen on 26 Sep 2009On September 12, Penguin Books India launched Where’s Hanuman—a pictorial adventure book in the tradition of the famous Where’s Wally—at a packed house in Starmark, Kolkata’s biggest bookstore. Produced by ISKCON’s Torchlight Publishing, Where’s Hanuman gives children a captivating and fun way to begin learning the story of the […]

ISKCON Mayapur Builds New Guest Rooms for Lifetime Use

Managers at the ISKCON complex in Sri Mayapur Dhama, India, have announced that construction will soon begin on a new guest house with many on-site facilities, to be named Isodyan Bhava By Madhava Smullen on 26 Sep 2009 ISKCON Mayapur is the spiritual world headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Managers at the […]

Diksha and Drugs: An Unfortunate Combination

Some years ago, when I heard the story of three young men celebrating their Vaishnava diksha with a round of cold Guinness, I thought it was the beginning of an Irish joke. Unfortunately it was true. The guru who’d given them their initiation had omitted to tell them anything at all about the practical disciplines of spiritual […]

Will those Sweet Days Ever Return?

By Indradyumna Swami After the Woodstock festival we went back to our programs on the Baltic Sea coast. We were exhausted but determined to make it through the last seventeen days of our tour. Read more…

The Surfing Swamis

Daruka Dasa looks out at the horizon, bobbing up and down in the Indian Ocean on a surfboard. “I see a wave out there that’s got your name written all over it,” he says. Read more…

ISKCON’s Second Generation Celebrates Kuli MeLA 2009

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills is the John Anson Ford Amphitheater, Los Angeles’ oldest performing arts venue. Tonight, it is nearly full with a glamorous audience of 950 people; some dressed in their very best suits or evening gowns, others in more exotic Bollywood attire. By Madhava Smullen on 19 Sep 2009 Los Angeles, Friday July […]