DC Devotee’s Home School Experience

When they encouraged their son Nimai to pursue his own interests while homeschooling, Washington D.C. husband and wife couple Vidarbha Suta Dasi and Lokadhyaksha Dasa saw his personality grow and his individual skills thrive exponentially. The couple, a TV journalist and software engineer originally from Assam, India, saw raising a good devotee as their reason […]

West Virginia’s Palace of Gold

By Rahul Mehta for the New York TimesIT was the Taj Mahal of Appalachia, “Heaven on Earth” in “Almost Heaven West Virginia,” a sprawling, opulent affair with lush gardens, a beautiful temple, a Palace of Gold, accommodations for hundreds of devotees, statues of Radha and Krishna, and even, at one point, an elephant. New Vrindaban […]

Sixty New Devotees Join Gainesville’s Krishna House Over Three Years

Students often find themselves attracted to enroll in this program when they see other young people practicing Krishna consciousness. And when they join themselves, they discover that attending the morning program is fun, that they feel much more peaceful when following the four regulative principles, and that—especially for those attending college from out of town—the […]

Temple of the Vedic Planetarium

 The festivals of Govardhana Puja and Diwali are approaching quickly. In one pastime, Krsna protects His devotees from Lord Indra’s wrath; in the other, Lord Rama protects His devotees from Ravana and is welcomed back to Ayodhya. The festivals of Govardhana Puja and Diwali are approaching quickly. In one pastime, Krsna protects His devotees from […]

Women of Bhakti

Devotee film-makers Jahnava Dasi and Hillary Tapper have just wrapped shooting on Women of Bhakti, a film about inspiring women following the ancient path of Bhakt. Read more…

Pillars of Sustainability: Conference in Hungary

Sponsored by the European Union, the ISKCON associated Eco Valley Foundation of Hungary held a week long seminar called Pillars of Sustainability, at New Vraja Dhama, the Hare Krishna farm community in the South-Western part of the country. Read more…

Madhava’s Band Brings Krishna Rock to India’s Got Talent

 This summer, when 35 million people tuned in to India’s Got Talent—which features Bollywood star judges and is hailed as Asia’s biggest talent show—they probably didn’t expect to see a group of devotees in dhotis and saris, chanting Hare Krishna. Read more…

Second Generation Initiations

Does this mean that ISKCON’s second generation, after historically being more hesitant about taking the step of initiation than their parents, are now taking up the torch? Does it answer the question that currently concerns many of our senior members and leaders of who will succeed them and manage ISKCON when they are gone? Read […]

Taiwan Finds Krishna through Bhakti Yoga Lounge

 A stunning new ISKCON center in Taichung, the third-largest city in Taiwan, is beginning to attract local people to Krishna consciousness through the relatable medium of yoga, and through its beautiful facilities. The Bhakti Yoga Lounge fills nearly 7,000 square-feet of office real-estate and includes a reception area, ashram accommodation, a roof garden with organic […]

Steve Jobs’ Krishna Connection

In fact, author Douglas Atkin explicitly suggested that Apple and ISKCON had much in common and favorably compared the two organizations in his book The Culting of Brands. For their part, Krishna devotees seem to playfully accept that Apple products are part of the new ISKCON culture. A prominent sannyasi and GBC member even quipped […]