Holi: KUTV Coverage, Additional Videos & Blogs

Keep checking back as this list will be added to whenever any new good posts appear.

Great photos by Mark Johnson, Herald Staff

Caru’s Event page, by Scott Jarvie & 13 friends
5,000 photos for sale (you’re all in there),
50% goes to benefit the temple

New 4/2/10…Jason Gonzalez Photos..stunning

Mia Familia Blog

Life is like Herding Cats blog

A Fairyfilmiending blog, great writing

Oh Holli Bhog with video

Hare Krishna Techno Dance with Govinda Dhatta

13 photographers, 5000 photos (you’re in there somewhere), Jarviedigital

Why the Festival of Colors is still cool

Mindy’s Blog

Coffeee Break with Liz & Kate

Brett & Hayley Blog

Youth Voices

Brett & Kymee Blog

Just a Kid Blog

Kate’s Goes on an Adventure, Holi Part 2

Charu’s Videos from the Stage

Govinda Dhatta leads kirtan with a Krishna Techno Beat

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