Amazing Boise Japathon

Boise TempleOn NewYear’s day, (Jan 1, 2010), Boise Hare Krishna Temple devotees and congregation members chanted over 2.5 million Holy Names during their 13th Annual NewYear Japathon which was a new record. The temple had set a goal of 1.25 MM names and we far exceeded that.

Beyond all expectations, 80 plus children, and adults took part in this year’s Japathon and collectively chanted over an 8 hour period from 10 AM to 6: 30 PM, more than 1500 rounds. Around 2 PM and 6 PM, the atmosphere was totally ecstatic and participants were almost “levitating.”

Two new temple members from Nepal who are cousins lead the children and men’s category. Madhava age 11, chanted 60 rounds and his elder cousin Ramachandra chanted 75 rounds. In the Mataji category, Mother Amrita Walsh (GKG) she chanted 112 rounds. She got up early at 2 AM and chanted throughout the early morning and day to set a new record of maximum number of rounds chanted by a person in our marathon.

This was followed by a grand feast by Bipasha and Aditya Ghosh who have been sponsoring and cooking the Japathon feast for the last 10 years.

Boise temple started the New Year Japathon festival in 1998 for the spiritual benefit of citizens in the community. In the beginning years, the goal was to chant as many Holy Names as there were citizens in Boise and gradually it was increased to the number of residents in the State of Idaho.

Over last few years, few other temples have picked up on the idea, Spanish
Fork, Utah and Potomac temples are also doing New Year Japathons. It is hoped that some day all the temples can do New Year Japathons. If each temple could chant for the benefit for all the citizens in its area, we could cover all the 7 Billion people of the World!!

May be NA GBC, all the other GBC’s and International GBC can officially start this practice. Sri Harinam Sankirtan ki Jai.   

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