Go easy on the curd!

Kripamoya Das Not a photo of me, but please read on if you’re a male devotee and over 35… In all my years as a devotee of Krishna, and that’s thirty-three this summer, I have never really been ill – ever. Well, alright, that’s if you exclude bouts of Delhi-Belly and the Calcutta-Quickstep on my […]

Food Additives Linked to Child Aggression

Life and Travel with Kurma I have had personal experience of a ‘Mr Hyde incident’ with my son when he was younger. He was offered a large bottle of Fanta (by a well-meaning family member) which he drank in one swig and which subsequently turned him into a kicking, screaming emotional wreck for over an […]

Hitler Was a Vegetarian like Bush Was a Valedictorian

Thursday, March 8, 2007 The Editor The New York Times Book Review 229 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036 To the Editor, I must take issue with Mr. Rothstein’s glib characterization of Hitler and his Nazi henchmen, Hess, and Himmler, as vegetarians, in his review of Tristram Stuart’s The Bloodless Revolution (February 25). As […]

Soft drink damage to DNA

May 28th, 2007 Editor Latest research by a British scientist shows that a preservative used in cold drinks could switch off vital parts of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), causing serious damage to cells particularly in children. Sodium benzoate or E211 has been used as a preservative for decades by the 74 billion pound global carbonated drinks […]

Cayenne and Your Heart

Sat, 23/06/2007 – 7:31am — ekendra   Here’s something simple that you can do to increase health for yourself and your loved ones. Instead of using chillies in cooking, substitute cayenne. Chillies are considered to be rajasic, or even tamasic when overused. Cayenne is sattvic. Many herbalists believe that Cayenne is the most useful and […]

Why Don’t Vegetarians Eat More Vegetables?

Posted August 12, 2007 A long time ago before I ever went on a vegetarian diet myself, I noticed that there were a lot of vegetarians that ate a lot of candy, sugar-filled sodas, pasta with artery-clogging sauces and a lot of other junk. At first I didn’t think much about it because at the […]

Is it Organic? Ask a Rat.

Oct 29, USA (NYTIMES) — In any controversy it can be helpful to consider the views of disinterested parties. So, on the subject of agricultural policy and practice, it’s worth noting that an unimpeachably neutral group has joined the ranks of those who prefer organic foods over foods produced with the help of synthetic chemicals. […]

The World’s Oldest Rice Pudding

By Kurma Dasa There comes a time in every writer’s life for an office cleanup. A couple of weeks ago I took the plunge. Hoping to discover a few long-forgotten bits and pieces in the process, I sorted through twenty-six years of accumulated paperwork and files. I wasn’t disappointed. I knew I had many vegetarian […]

The humble peanut and its many avatars

24 Nov, 2007, 0457 hrs IST,Vikram Doctor, TN Peanuts are known in Mumbai’s trains as ‘time-pass’. There is a certain submissiveness in the phrase — like the small nuts are fine to munch to ease a boring commute, but of little importance otherwise. And that is, in general, how we treat peanuts — we’ll munch […]

No Meat for Prince Fielder? No Problem

— Researcher Says Athletes Get Ample Protein from Plant Sources Milwaukee Brewer first baseman Prince Fielder reported to spring training as a new vegetarian. Can a vegetarian lifestyle sustain a 6-foot, 260-lb athlete? Yes, says a top sports nutritionist and researcher. Champaign, IL (PRWEB) February 23, 2008 — Milwaukee Brewer Prince Fielder surprised fans when […]