In Defense of Food: How Processed Fare Affects Us

  By Paula Goodyer for The Sydney Morning Herald on 12 Feb 2008 ‘For a great example of how our modern food supply got into such a mess, look no further than the history of bread. Back in the late 19th century mechanised roller-milling replaced the older, slower system of grinding grains between big stone […]

PETA Urges New Mormon President to Promote Humane, Scriptural Vegetarian Diets

For Immediate Release: February 7, 2008 Contact: Bruce Friedrich 757-622-7382 Salt Lake City – This morning, PETA sent a letter to newly elected Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Thomas Monson wishing him well in his new position and urging him to emphasize God’s requirement to protect His creatures and treat our bodies […]

Vegetarian Athletes: At the Top of Their Game

By Heather Moore for on 4 Feb 2008 Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez ‘David Tyree may have been the star of the Super Bowl, helping the New York Giants beat the previously undefeated New England Patriots, but in my eyes, Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Tony Gonzalez is the biggest NFL champion. His team […]

World health leaders tout merits of vegetarian diet

At vegetarian congress researchers link plant-based diet, environmental conservation March 11, 2008 Loma Linda, California, United States Elizabeth Lechleitner/ANN A plant-based diet may be the best way to protect health and the environment, researchers said last week at a conference on vegetarian nutrition hosted by Loma Linda University. [photo: iStockphoto] A vegetarian diet not only […]

Alkaline Foods

J writes: “Dear Kurma, I have enjoyed your recipes over the years. My sister and I are recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We are young with children. We were told to follow a mostly alkaline diet to prevent recurrence of the cancer. Do you have an acid/alkaline food list? Thankyou for your great recipes and […]

Who says you have to eat meat to be a successful athlete?

By Jonah Keri Special to Page 2 (Archive | Contact)   Updated: June 17, 2008, 6:07 PM ET   With each home run Milwaukee Brewers slugger Prince Fielder hit in his breakout 2007 season, a prototype was confirmed. Here was a big, beefy athlete swinging from the heels, producing an NL-leading 50 homers. His physique […]

Lord Jesus and a Vegetarian Diet

BY: SATYAHIT DASA Jul 17, ALACHUA, FLORIDA, USA (SUN) — Concerning a vegetarian diet and Lord Jesus Christ, there is a most important and significant Dead Sea Scroll in this regard. It is known as The Essene Gospel of Truth, by His Disciple John. The one we are referring to was translated into the English […]

LDS Prof Says Vegetarian Diet Upholds Mormon Scripture

Jul 23, 2008 by Elizabeth Ziegler (KCPW News) LDS faithful across the region will celebrate Pioneer Day Thursday with barbeques and rodeos. But BYU philosophy professor Chris Foster says the Word of Wisdom that advises Mormons to abstain from drinking caffeine and alcohol also applies to eating meat and treating animals unkindly. “The Mormon doctrine […]

Beat the Urge for Beef

Don’t be persuaded by bogus reasons Maneka Gandhi (A Proud Vegetarian, Animal Rights Activist and Member of Parliament, India)   The Pioneer, Thursday, July 24, 2008 Everyone’s life is strewn with incidents wherein they have a chance to become bigger than themselves, to be nobler and kinder and happier. Some people don’t recognize these opportunities […]

Beyond Beef

Meat and the Environment by Kurma Dasa “Today, millions of people are consuming countless hamburgers, steaks, and roasts, oblivious to the impact their dietary habits are having on the biosphere and the very survivability of life on earth. Every pound of grain-fed flesh is secured at the expense of a burned forest, an eroded rangeland, […]