vegetarian-prasadamKrishna’s Catering provides vegetarian food for large and small events where a very special touch is required. Drawing on classical Indian cuisine, delicious dishes are prepared fresh, according to our long tradition of cooking for spiritual upliftment. The menu is of course customized for the needs and tastes of the hosts and their guests.

In the Temple kitchen, healthful international “crowd pleasers” are also a specialty, such as spinach lasagne, enchiladas, calzones and quiches.

Krishna Prasadam in Utah

Prior to delivery, all food prepared is offered to Krishna in an ancient ceremony, and in that way is converted from purely physical food into prasadam, or blessed food.  Prasadam is what we serve at the Buffet every day.

Sample Indian menu

  • Curries – dahl (lentils or beans) and sabji (vegetables)
  • Fancy rice – saffron bhasmati rice, vegetable rice, others
  • Breads – naan and roti
  • Papadams – spiced lentil chips
  • Halava – sweet farina
  • Drinks – mango juice, other tropical juices, and herbal teas

We can also suggest a menu that will fit your description of the upcoming event.

To allow you to calculate a general estimate for the menu items we supply, refer to these per-serving costs as examples.

  • Entries $2
  • Halava  $1.50
  • Fancy Rice  $1
  • Drinks $1
  • Papadams $1

Our clients span a diversity of groups.  Past events have included :

  • school field trips
  • weddings/receptions
  • birthdays/anniversaries
  • reunions
  • business meetings
  • missionary farewells/homecomings
  • many others

Give your next event the advantage of Lord Krishna’s blessed bounty.

For booking information, contact Caru or Vai at 801-798-3559 / 801-787-1510

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