New Member Classes

A temple is the focus of spiritual life for those who gather there regularly.  Over time the community becomes a spiritual family, which is very much like a family bound by birth and marriage except that all the relationships are based on worship together and mutual spiritual goals.  Together we walk the path to God.

In the Vedic culture, a community of worship is called a sangham.  In it we share uplifting association with fellow seekers and devotees.  A person can always chant mantras or study scriptures on their own, but the same scriptures advise joining a sangham in order to advance quickly and enter the spiritual realms, which we call Krishna Consciousness.

This is where the most exciting journey in life begins — we at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple invite newcomers to join our active spiritual family.  If you’d like to hear the “New Members” class please email for a copy: or click the link below.

  • Attendance at weekly scriptural study Philosophy 201 Class facilitated by Caru Das, an in-depth discussion of selected scriptural readings as they apply to our daily lives.  Here, members can talk about their deepest life questions and issues, to which Caru das provides a scriptural context and 40 years of devotion to Sri Krishna.
  • Attendance at Lifestyle 101 Class, where is taught all the aspects of a Krishna conscious lifestyle.
  • Greater access to our temple leaders for lifestyle and practice guidance.
  • Access to the member area of this website, This member area includes transcripts of the Sunday talks as well as audio MP3s and Power Points of the Lifestyles classes given by Caru Das. There are special articles, a chat room for members, members’ personal profiles, and man other features available NOWHERE else.
  • Opportunities for transformational service and development of a personal ministry.

By understanding what the path of Krishna Consciousness offers, we each have the rare opportunity to bridge the material world and the spiritual world.  Plus, quite simply, we have a great group here!  Consider joining us.

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