Om Shanti Retreat

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October 7 – 9, 2011

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“I loved the yoga outside & time for great discussions. I enjoyed a schedule that was not too structured but was educational & enlightening. I enjoyed the cooking classes & would like more education on the preparation & recipes. I would highly recommend this retreat to others. I loved being a part of the singing, chanting, & music. This group is very talented & inspirational.”   — Aubrey, Orem

Two_Yogis_webEnjoy a relaxing retreat at the Krishna Temple.  At the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, the structure itself is a landmark Rajasthani-style temple wherein Krishna resides.  For a weekend, all amenities are provided in a devotional atmosphere.  Experienced leaders offer an unhurried schedule of events for deep relaxation and inward-turning focus…..

About the Retreat
In a time when demands are increasingly placed on our lives, the Om Shanti Retreats offer a variety of workshops and weekend retreats for people from all backgrounds to explore, reflect, and nurture the self. Our retreat enables people to explore and understand their own spirituality.

New Kusum Sarovar (“Temple on a Lake of Flowers”) has been created as a special place for reflection, located alongside of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah. The calm, natural environment complements the temple’s purpose — to offer the experience of peace and self-realisation.

The atmosphere is warm, simple, and wholesome. We have several guest rooms. Three vegetarian meals are served daily. During your free time, relax at the lake waterfall,  or browse through the gift store where a wide range of books and CDs are available to help deepen individual spiritual understanding and meditation.

“I feel this retreat was one of the best of my life. I have been on several with many different kids over the years. Very relaxing, educational, fun on every level. What a great group to enjoy this sacred time with. I loved everything about this weekend and plan to come again soon.”   — Alan, Ogden

Discounted prices for couples & students.

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Retreat Schedule
Note : Guests are free to follow as much or as little of the schedule as they like.

3:00 – 5:00 pm  Check In, Light meal if desired
5:00 pm Temple Tour & Orientation by Caru Das
5:30 pm  Gentle Yoga with Alan Siegel (all yoga classes suitable for beginners)
7:00 pm  Buffet
7:30 pm  Mixer & Music in the Ashram
9:00 pm  Candlelight Meditation

7:30 am  Gentle Yoga with Alan Siegel
9:15 am  Breakfast
11:00 am  Llama Hike to Diamond Fork Hot Springs  
12:30 pm  Picnic Lunch 
5:30 pm Pranayana & Asanas, w/ Alan Siegel
7:00 pm Dinner 
7:30 pm  Kirtan with Jaya Krishna & Ananda Groove
9:00 pm  Candlelight Meditation

8:00 am  Yoga and Meditation with Alan Siegel
9:30 am  Breakfast
11:00 am Cooking Class with Mina Kumar, Samosas, Alou Tikki, Channa
1:00 pm  Lunch
Guest are welcometo retain their rooms thru the afternoon, &
particpate in the Sunday program which starts at 5 pm.




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