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We at the Krishna Temple and Cultural Center in Spanish Fork want to familiarize Utah educators with the facility here as they may deem helpful to the studies of their students.

Krishna Temple & Cultural Center
8628 South State Street
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
801.798.3559 or 801.787.1510
Contact Caru Das and Vaibhavi Devi at:

Past comments about the Temple :

Merrill J. Bateman
Former President
Brigham Young University”We are gratified at the completion of this beautiful edifice, and we receive it in our surrounding communities with anticipation of the good it will bring to further enhance our friendship and celebrate our diversity.”

Orrin Hatch
US Senator, R-Ut

“I am so proud of the people who have spent their time to work on this beautiful edifice, who have dug into their pockets to pay for it. I am so grateful for people of deep devotion and deep belief-and I’ve got to tell you, you have to look long and hard for people to be the equal of the Krishna people. I am just asking everybody in Utah to treat this place with tremendous respect. It is a place of refined spirituality. I hope all of us will always revere this temple and revere the people who worship here”.

Areas of study for which a visit to the temple might be helpful:

Indian Philosophy and Religion
Introduction to Hindu Thought, Holy Men, Mystics, & Rishis
Traditional Hindu Society
Death & Transmigration of the Soul
Hindu Culture Comes West
Vegetarianism & the Law of Karma

Sociology/Anthropology of Religion, Cultural Anthropology
Social Stratification, the Family, Sociology of Education
Hinduism & Hindu Temples in N. America

English/Literature, World Literature
Folklore & Mythology, Heroes and Mythology
Linguistic & History of Languages, Narrative Literature (Mahabharat & Ramayana)


Philosophy of Religion/Metaphysics, Social Philosophy, Epistemology
Vedic Philosophy, the Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita

Cultural Geography, Ancient Civilizations, World Cultures, Ancient Cultures

Indian folk and sacred dances are performed at the many festivals held annually. (see Festivals)

Situated on an elevated 15 acre plot in rural Utah, this 50′ high temple is modeled after a famous devotional palace in India called Kusum Sarovar (temple on a lake of flowers). It has a main dome 25′ in diameter surrounded by 16 other domes. There are 108 arches and columns, sculptures, and murals, as well as open patios, colonnades, gardens, fountains and an outdoor stage and amphitheater that accommodates crowds of up to 3,000. The main temple shrine features exquisite black teakwood and gold leafed altars from India, and marble deities carved from the quarries in Jaipur. The acreage surrounding the temple supports 45 llamas, 12 peacocks, 6 parrots, and 3 zebu cows. The compound also features a Koi pond, 200,000 gallon lake with waterfall and shaded picnic area.Hours
The temple is open daily from 10 am-7 pm for tours, food & gifts. Temple group tours are $ 1.00 per person, last about 45 minutes, and include music and yoga upon request. Outside llama handling, haltering and leading, which take s another 45 minutes is another $ 1.00 person.Govinda’s Vegetarian Buffet is available during all hours of operation. On the buffet are Indian dishes like curries, hallava, and papadams. There are also more familiar items for the less adventerous: spaghetti, nachos, and mashed potatoes. There is no set price for the buffet, but for tour groups we suggest a donations of $ 5.00 per adult, $ 4.00 for teens, and $ 3.00 for pre-teens. When taking the buffet, the abovementioned fee for tours are waived.
Tour Guide : Biographic information Caru Das Adhikary
Present position
President of Krishna Temple Corporation, Spanish Fork, Utah
Hindu and Vedic PriestPrevious positions
Past President of temples in Sydney and Melbourne Australia (1971-1975)
San Francisco, CA (1975-1978), Director of Life Membership at Los Angeles temple (1980-1987)
Past President & Founder of KHQN Radio in Spanish Fork, Utah (1982-2003)Education
Bhakti Sastra Degree in Vaishnava Studies (1977)
Bhakti Vaibhava Degree (1984)

Personal background
Born Oct 21, 1946 in Pennsylvania, USA

VISTA Volunteer (1969)
Vegetarian since 1970
Marathon Runner (32 since 1988)
Guest Lecturer since 1970Address
KHQN Radio & Krishna temple
8628 S State Rd
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Temple 801.798.3559
Cell 801.787.1510
English, Sanskrit, French (rusty),
Memorized 1,000 Sanskrit verses used in religious servicesTravel
Europe, 1968
Israel and Asia, 1969
Australia, 1970-1975
35 American States
India 18 trips between 1970-2007: Bengal, Orissa, Andra Pradesh, Tamal Nadu, Kerala, Maharasthra, Gujarat, Karantaka, Uttar Pradesh, Rajastan, Himachal Pradesh, & Madhya Pradesh.


I-15 Southbound: 40 miles south of Salt Lake City exit at #257, Spanish Fork. Turn left at the bottom of the exit ramp where there is a traffic light. You will then be on North Main Street proceeding south. Continue through town (5 or 6 more traffic lights) and then another two rural miles on the same road until you see the large domed building on the right hand side.
Signs will direct you to parking.
I-15 Northbound: Exit #253: go right at the stop sign. You should be able to see the temple from this point. Proceed three miles to a ‘T’ intersection & traffic light, turn right, temple is 3/8 mile further on the right hand side.

Responses from Students and Teachers, past and present:

“I want to thank you for your generous hospitality to my students. I think about a dozen of them have visited the temple, and all have been excited and  pleased with their experience. They said the temple is beautiful–and kind of amazing to find in rural Utah–and that everyone they have met has been welcoming and helpful, making them feel right at home. As a teacher of world geography, I spend a lot of time and effort to help students see the value and beauty of cultures unlike their own. The way they are treated by you and your congregation reinforces that lesson. I hope it’s OK to continue to encourage the students to visit, and I also plan to visit, probably over Spring Break. Thank you again for giving my students such a great educational opportunity.”
Nancy Hedrick
“The presentation allowed me, a student of learning, to discover angles I had never thought of before. Not only was I able to apply some principles as truth in relation to my own experience, but I was able to realize how my own beliefs exist in the sphere of broader, different knowledge…Rather than feeling pressured by the presentation, it was so far from pushy and argumentative that I was able to simply sit and listen and learn without feeling the need to defend my own, different beliefs.”
Heather Homes, written when she was a student at Timpview High”I’ve enjoyed bringing students to visit and appreciate your hospitality. Very enlightening, educational, and a positive influence on the community.”
Julie Smith, BYU”We appreciate your open door policy. It has been beneficial for my World Religion students to come for interviews with their notebooks and tape recorders. And you have never failed to feed them!”
Bruce Roghaar, BYU”Thank you very much for your excellent presentation to our classes. We enjoyed it very much and learned a great deal about Hinduism.”
Davis Bitton, U of U

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