SLC Temple Opening

The first Janmastami in the newly constructed SLC Temple building will be celebrated on Saturday August 24, and next day, Sunday August 25, in Spanish Fork.



The SLC program begins at 7 pm and include the dance of Divya Narayanam & students, Govinda Al Re to break the dahi hundi, musical drama of the birth of Krishna, lots of kirtan, prasdam, and grand abhishekam.

Kind well wishers may help in the customary ways of time and/or money.

Volunteers will be greatly needed in the following areas.  Gardening and landscaping, manning the gift store and herbal tea/sandwich bar (4 hour volunteer shifts during which one could do homework, etc.), actors, make up artists, and sound experts to participate in dramas, greeters & parking attendants during Saturday & Sunday services, teachers for the Sunday school, clean up and maintenance, decoration for festivals.

God gave us all talents  & abilities to engage in His service. These are great opportunities to fulfill one’s purpose in life & experience meaning beyond the mundane.

Here are the contact details for community members who would like to help.

Volunteer Opportunities

Cooking and Kitchen, Weekly Staff,  Ramesh & Anushree Goel, (801) 581-6110,
Gift Store & Greeters, Harikesh & Rama Kushwaha, (201) 204-2043,
Dramas & Dance, Office & Secretarial, Festival Planning,
Caru Das (801)787-1510
Gardening & Grounds, Deity Worship, Vaibhavi Devi, (801)798-3559
Sunday School & Teaching, Book Distribution, Deepika & Satish Kolasani, (801) 824-6471,







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