What’s Blocking Your Growth

REMOVE what’s blocking your growth, and you’ll begin to BLOSSOM. You’ll go to new levels. See, there’s nothing wrong with you. You have the life of Almighty God inside. He created you to rise higher, to be successful, to be confident, to leave your mark. When you live guilty, you’re in agreement with the ENEMY, […]

Inner Treasures

You have what you need. Problem is it’s buried on the inside. It’s hidden treasure. You have gifts and talents you’ve not yet tapped into. There is potential waiting to be released. When Krishna laid out the plan for yr life, He created WITHIN you the skill, wisdom, creativity, insight: EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED to fulfill […]

Krishna Will Settle Your Accounts

We all go thru situations that seem unfair. Seems unfair that someone could lie about you & get away with it. Seems unfair that your sister has children but you can’t. Seems unfair you had that special needs child. Seems unfair that you lost a loved one.  Life has thrown you a curve. Not everything […]

Seeing with Eyes of Love

Our message today is to make sure you see people thru eyes of love, not judgement. Don’t be critical. Don’t write people off. Give them the benefit of the doubt.  Consider they might be going thru incredible difficulties & doing the best they can. Be a person who helps lighten the load. You can be […]

Marked by the Hand of God

Be a MARKED man, a MARKED woman. Not marked by defeat. Not marked by failure. Be MARKED for SUCCESS, MARKED for FAVOR, MARKED for VICTORY by the hand of God

God’s Power, Presence, and Protection

GROW YOUR FAITH…The key is to find out that plan and find it and get right in the center of it.  We need to be challenged.  We need to be stretched.  It’s emotionally  unhealthy, even suicidal, to go through life being mediocre, half hearted, wondering, “What am I doing?  Where am I going?” Simply taking […]

Do Your Best, Then Rest

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Meeting the Right People

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