Reversal of Fortune

KRISHNA is about to reverse some things in your life, things that look like they’ll never change, “You’ll never own your own business, never get into management, never write that book, never start that ministry”. No, get ready for a reversal.

Things are going to SUDDENLY shift in your favor, Narada is going to show up looking for you. Your Indradyumnya Swami is going to reserve a retreat. The bishop will write off the silver. The people you need to shift you into your destiny are moving into place.

This is a NEW day. KRISHNA is doing a NEW thing. Every force that’s trying to stop you is being broken. You’re going to see A REVERSAL OF FORTUNE. You’re going to set new standards. You’re going to step into new levels. You’re going to go places that no one in your community has gone. HARE KRISHNA

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