Program Your Mind for Victory

Lord says many things about us in present and past tense. Because He says it, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Have to do our part & get in agreement. In other words, you may not feel blessed today, lot of things coming against you, with yr family, finances, etc. Mind could easily talk you […]

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day 2024

What was that? Sunshine on a cloudy day. He didn’t see it coming. The forecast was cloudy. All the reports said this problem is permanent, but KRISHNA controls the universe. He knows how to suddenly change things. He can suddenly move the wrong people out. He can suddenly open doors you never dreamed would open. […]

It’s All Good

Krishna can see the big picture for our lives. He’ll close doors that we prayed would open because He knows it’s going to be a waste of time. When you’re mature, instead of getting bitter when things don’t work out, you’ll say, Krishna, I TRUST you. I may not like it, but I believe You […]

In the Middle of a Miracle

Hare Krishna The Brijbasis became unaffected by the storm as soon as they started singing praises to Krishna. When you can SING IN THE STORM. When you can PRAISE THROUGH THE PAIN. When you can thank Krishna He’s WORKING instead of COMPLAINING about the trouble….get ready, your miracle is on the way. Devotees knew that […]

Persons of Integrity

Your reputation is one of the most valuable things you have. It is said, “A GOOD NAME is worth more than great riches”. You can have great wealth and be looked DOWN on, seen as shady, but when you’re a person of integrity, people look at you and think, “I CAN TRUST THEM. They always […]

Greater Is Coming

Now, DON’T get STUCK in the suffering. DON’T live BITTER because you seem to have gotten trapped in the jungle with an impossible task. DON’T settle in the depression thinking that you’ve been sidelined. KEEP an attitude of faith and go THROUGH it. KEEP BELIEVING when every thought tells you it’s never going to change. […]

Yoking to the Supreme

This afternoon let me encourage you not just to GO with God, but GROW with God. Chant His holy names, honor Him with yr talents and abilities. Plant the seeds of devotion and patiently wait for the fruits of love peace, abundance and purpose. Know today that God is bigger than yr problems, bigger than […]

Deep Water Faith

You can’t see it right now, but UPSTREAM things have changed in your favor. UPSTREAM healing has been released. UPSTREAM the right people have been lined up. UPSTREAM the breaks you need, the restoration, the vindication has been put in place. It’s in your future. Don’t let what’s happening DOWNSTREAM talk you out of the […]

Stepping Out In Faith

Krishna had all that and more planned for us since the beginning of time. He had the steppingstones all lined up before we were born. We simply had to take our TINY STEPS OF FAITH before our dreams became reality. In a purport to the BG 11/34 Prabhupada says, “The plans of the SPOG are […]

New Year’s Talk 2024

I’m predicting God centered changes in the lives of His devotees. A good New Years prayer might sound something like this. “Lord, please help me to use the 8,760 hours of this year the wisest way that I can for you, & for your glory.”
 Lord, give me enough happiness to keep me sweet – […]

Gita Jayanti Retreat New Navadvip 2023

Caru Das gives Srimad Bhagavatam Class (2/1/1) on the first morning of the New Navadvip Gita Jayanti Retreat in South Texas. Theme is community building and devotee care.

The Light of Love

Nothing you’re doing has been wasted. Every time you show love, you are sowing these seeds. But sometimes we think that we have to convince people, we have to tell them what they’re doing wrong, point out all their faults, make sure they really feel guilty. No, the Paramatma, Lord in the heart, is the […]

Living a Blessed Life

It is said that man does not live by bread alone. As there is food for the body, there needs to be a different type of food for the soul. In addition to the hunger that the body feels, the soul also feels its own hunger. The soul HUNGERS TO BE OF SERVICE, to make […]

What Goes In Comes Out

Am I going to be a buzzard & stay on the ground, eat dead things, or am I going to be a swam & soar. If I’m going to be a swami, I cannot hang around with crows. Everyone would like to soar but not willing to give up dead flesh, gossip, unwholesome things. If […]

Take the Pressure Off

So much of our daily discontent comes from the fact that most of us are MORE AWARE OF OUR WEAKNESSES than our STRENGTHS, more aware of our FAILURES than our SUCCESSES, MORE AWARE OF OUR LIMITATIONS than our GIFTS. I can’t tell you how many problems that causes!

Coming Up Higher

Don’t go to the next 70 years responding to the unfair situations in your life the same way, getting upset, offended, impatient, feeling sorry for yourself, plotting revenge. Stay on the potters wheel. Next time things don’t go your way, instead of letting your blood pressure boil and muttering expletives under your breath, try a […]

Diwali Talk 2023

Hanumanji, son of the wind / lord of the monkeys Rama’s best friend / you eliminate illusion and destroy all sin / and you’re known as Shiva’s incarnation /

Calling Out the Real You

Abraham Maslow “The healthiest, most flourishing, and most valuable among us are those who are “motivated by transformation”, “by the release of potentials, capacities and talents thru purposeful action.” Have you ever felt there is a self YOU OUGHT TO BE beating beneath the thing you are, yearning to realize itself, hankering to rise up. […]

Krishna Keeps the Accounts

We all go thru situations that seem unfair. Seems unfair that someone could lie about you & get away with it. Seems unfair sister has children but you can’t. Seems unfair special needs child or Seems unfair lost a loved one. Life has thrown you a curve. Not everything has gone according to plan. here’s […]

New Beginnings

Trust him with your closed doors. He controls the seasons. And sometimes you’re in spring for a long time, blossoming, fruitful, then the season changes. You come into winter. KRISHNA will stop things that weren’t working. If you’re stubborn, you try to force it. You get upset because it’s not what it used to be. […]