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The world’s newest Hare Krishna temple is not on the chaotic streets of Mumbai or in the tepid rice paddies of Bangalore but instead surrounded by peach and apple orchards, hay pastures and the snowcapped peaks of southern Utah County.

In fact, the newest Hare Krishna temple, though it looks all the part of a Hare Krishna temple one might find in its native India, is a world away from India, and that is a good thing for local Krishnas who want a place of their own to worship.

But more than that, the temple, a still under-construction ornate white two-story affair with a gilded gold dome, is a testament to dedication; it is the first in the world built entirely with volunteer labor.

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01-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 02-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 03-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 04-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 05-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 06-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 07-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 08-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 09-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 10-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 11-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 12-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 13-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 14-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 15-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 16-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 17-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH 18-Krishna-Temple-in-UTAH

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