Utah Krishna Community Profile Description

This is the latest updated Krishna Community description we have on our profile pages for Wwoofa (Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farming), Help Exchange, and Workaway International.

 This is the latest updated Krishna Community description we have on our profile pages for Wwoofa (Worldwide Opportunities for Organic Farming), Help Exchange, and Workaway International:



South of Spanish Fork, Utah, in a semi rural environment, we have 15 acres (5.85 hectares) upon which sit a gorgeous temple, a 6,000 sq foot residential facility with comfortable double rooms, two outdoor stages, a large covered pavilion, and amenities for parrots, peacocks, llamas and 3 small cows.

There is a 200,000 gallon lake with waterfall from which we gravity feed one acre under cultivation. The acreage produces chemical free tomatoes, eggplants, varieties of chilis, squash, melons, corn, cabbage, broccoli, green peppers, potatoes and flowers for worship.

We sponsor lots of festivals and twice or thrice yearly yoga retreats. March of 2012 we hosted the Festival of Colors (Holi) which attracted 65,000 attendees over a 2 day period. The event was photographed by Reuters International & picked up by MSNBC, CNN International, Times of India, Hindustan Times, the Republic in Italy, as well as news outlets all over the world. The best video from 2011 by Evan Carpenter, was on the home page of Youtube for 1/2 a day. ; In 2012 Devin Graham did one called “World’s Biggest Color Party” (1.4 million to date) and Goodline films another called “Holi Festival 2012.”

Other annual events are the Llama Fest in July, Krishna Janmastami in August, Festival of India in September, Diwali, Festival of Lights in October, & Shiva Ratri in February.

We teach yoga five days a week and have classes on the Bhagavad Gita 6am and 6pm as well as daily kirtans. These programs are optional for the guests, though the more they attend, the more they will be informed about the 5,000 year old spiritual culture and practices of “Bhakti Yoga”.

The only mandatory program occurs every Sunday 5 pm – 7 pm when there is an open house with kirtan, vegetarian feast, and spiritual discourse illustrated by power point presentation. This is an extremely ‘seeker friendly’ weekly event and guests should attend. As of June 2012, there have been 90,000 downloads of the Itunes Podcasts under the heading “Krishna Temple Sunday Talks” Additionally, Jai Krishna Das, who leads the chanting most Sundays, is a world class kirtan leader. We ask that guests arrive punctually.

There are a gift store on the property and salad bar with hot buffet open (11 am – 7 pm) 7 days a week. We do a lot of cooking for those interested to learn. Wireless internet everywhere.

We could accommodate up to 12 single adults and couples FOR A MINIMUM STAY OF FOURTEEN DAYS. There is no maximum time to stay & in fact the longer the better, providing the chemistry is right. Those whose schedule does not permit them a 14 day sojourn can apply to us for a shorter stay, but the hours may be more than 4 daily. Unmarried couples stay in another building than the main ashram but the rooms are nice. We are set up mainly for singles and couples.

We’d expect 4 hours of diligent work 6 days a week in exchange for room and board. We do not support wwoofers getting part time jobs in the area while living and working on the farm. Medical or health insurance is a plus in the unlikely event of an accident.

Local sights are Sundance Resort, Bridal Veil Falls, the Alpine Loop, hiking trails in Hobble Creek, Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Provo Canyon etc. Llamas are available for some treks in summer. We are the number one llama rental facility in Utah with 35 animals on the property.

We are vegetarian and allow no meat, drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes on the property. If you are looking to break a smoking, drug, or alcohol habit by sojourning here, know up front you will simply be a disturbance in the community. We do not take caffeinated tea or coffee and prefer that visitors go off site for consumption of these beverages.

Prospective visitors may also note that we probably do not fit many preconceptions about sustainability and a retreat like atmosphere. There are times of incredible peacefulness and relaxation, and other times, especially around festivals, when it can get intense. Ours is a practical path of bhakti (devotion), keeping God in the center of our activities. Sometimes that lends itself to peacefulness, introspection, and an educational atmosphere. Other times there is more emphasis on getting things done in a certain time frame. Sometimes we are absorbed in the gardening and sustainability and other times we throw ourselves into a special event.

Almost everyone who comes here notes, “It is not what I expected.” Most of the time that is a good thing and guests stay longer than they anticipated. But occasionally after a day or two people run for the hills because they were not flexible enough or willing enough to “Let go, and let God.”

Guests are requested to respect the spiritual atmosphere of peacefulness and self control, which can be disrupted by immodest dress, public groping (friendly hugs fine), and late night loudness. We like to know as much about you as possible to ensure your stay here will be a comfortable and rewarding one. Please keep your profile full and up to date and mention where else you may have woofed or done help exchange.

Outside work March thru November, and in winter more limited outdoor work, but lots to do indoors with the buffet and gift store.

The closest major airport is Salt Lake City (65 miles away) & the closest bus and train stations are in Provo, 6 miles away & an easy pick up. There is an airport in Provo serviced by Frontier Air Lines. We pick up during the day only. Schedule flights and driving to arrive in daylight as we are hard to find after dark. If you come by air and we cannot get someone in to Salt Lake City on that day to pick you up, we’ll refund to you 1/2 the door to door Express Shuttle fee from the airport. The fee is $ 48.00 so we’ll give you $24.00 back after completing the minimum 14 days service.

We purchased in July 2011 a school and 4 acres land near downtown Salt Lake City. There is about 1/2 acre there under cultivation with plans for more. We planted fruit trees and are preparing for an elevated pond to gravity irrigate the garden. Accommodations are basic. Saturday and Sunday services, one of which at least is mandatory for in house residents. There are yoga classes Mon thru Saturday at 6 pm, taught by a variety of teachers. All city amenities (Downtown Library, Gateway Center, University of Utah, Temple Square, Ski Resorts) are within easy access.

Labor Day Weekend 2012, we’ll host our second “Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest” at the Salt Lake Center. Last year The Great Salt Lake Yoga Fest offered more than 30 classes and seminars by teachers from all over the country, as well as entertainment from 10 different bands. 300 people paid the modest $ 25 fee for a 3 day pass. This coming year there will be 65 classes taught by 35 teachers, many from out of state.

Wwoofers and helpers are welcome to divide their time between the Spanish Fork & Salt Lake Centers.



Type of work

Help with Computers / internet,
Language practise,
Helping with Tourists,
Animal care,
Help in the house,
General Maintenance,
Cooking / shopping,

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