What Others Have Written about “Om Shanti Retreats”

We have our fall “OM Shanti Retreat” coming up on October 7- 9. Cost is a mere $ 125.00 single, $ 201.00 couple with online registration. Here are quotes from previous retreatees, in case anyone wants further encouragement to sign up.


This is my second retreat at the Krishna temple. I feel very lucky to have found out about this yoga retreat. I know of nothing in the entire state that is like this, and at such an affordable price! I came originally for the expereince but come back for the people. Randy, Salt Lake City

So great to meet so many interesting, sweet people and spend time in this beautiful place. Lori, Salt Lake City

The retreat was wonderful, refreshing, spiritual, & rejuvenating. Loved the food, the atmosphere, the parrots, the llamas. All the devotees were friendly and welcoming. Thge yoga was good. Didn’t want to go home art the end of the weekend. Love & Light, Britta, Ogden

I had a great weekend. A relaxing break for a couple of days. I really enjoyed the kirtan lecture and program, very educational, learned a lot. I will definately recommend this to others & I will be back, Renee, Wanship

We really enjoyed our stay. The food was beyond wonderful. Thanks to all who cooked. The hike to the “Hot Pots” bring back many sweet memories. My husband and I fell in love there 13 years ago so we will never forget that. The llamas were so fun to hike with. Lunch was very nice on the hike. Our room was comfortable. Our needs were met. We loved the animals. The retreat has been very fun and peaceful. We hope to be able to come back in October & possibly make this our “Getaway” tradition. Thank you to everyone who put this together. Jennifer & Jon, Nephi

I feel this retreat was one of the best of my life. I have been on several with many different kids over the years. Very relaxing, educational, fun on every level. What a great group to enjoy this sacred time with. I loved everything about this weekend and plan to come again soon.  Alan, Ogden

This retreat far exceeded my expectations. The hospitality was wonderful, the discussions were enlightening and deeply philosophical, which I love. I felt free to express myself and to drink in rich spiritual expression of others from all backgrounds in life. This retreat deeply enriched my own spiritual experience as I am seeking my own path in finding and living the life that God has laid out for me. JoDee, Cottonwood Heights

I loved the yoga outside & time for great discussions. I enjoyed a schedule that was not too structured but was educational & enlightening. I enjoyed the cooking classes & would like more education on the preparation & recipes. I would highly recommend this retreat to others. I loved being a part of the singing, chanting, & music. This group is very talented & inspirational.
Aubrey, Orem

“The retreat exceeded my expectations. It is now my home away from home. The staff was friendly & accommodating. They make you feel as if you are family. My needs were always met with a smile. I would recommend this retreat to everyone. It was fun, educational & very peaceful. I feel renewed & refreshed. Thank you.” Laurie, Long Island

I immediately felt welcome at the temple. Everything about the weekend was very calming, relaxing, and connecting with myself and others. On top of that, everyone was always very willing to help me learn. I am a very curious person & this was very educational. Then, of course, was the yoga. It was great yoga even for me as a beginner. All in all, a very fun, educational, mind expanding weekend.  Gavin, Hollady

Far and away surpassed my expectations! The manner and timing of Alan’s yoga classes was perfect. Wonderful food. Cooking class was incredible. Thank you for providing these opportunities. Lynn, Santaquin

The retreat was very enjoyable and I especially liked learning more about yoga and Hinduism. I loved the opportunity to discuss and ask questions. Thank you very much for hosting and especially all the extra work by Caru and Vai. Wendy, Ogden

I had a great time. This was my first introduction/interaction with Krishna & this community. At first I was pretty intimidated and felt like an intruder, but slowly started to warm up as I got to know my fellow house mates. As I leave I’m taking such a great and interesting experience. This is the first time in a very long time that I have felt such a strong human connection to a group of individuals and had stimulating conversation. I probably got about 8 hours of sleep in total cause I was up so late talking about India/religion/spirituality, etc. Thank you. Noel, Las Vegas

I feel as though this retreat met my expectations. I especially loved the kindness and hospitality from the staff/instructors. I felt at home here, and will definitely come back to visit in the future. In addition to being a fun and educational weekend, I am grateful for receiving the spiritual guidance I asked for without feeling obligated to listen to it. Because of my positive experiences on this retreat, the kindness and open mindedness of the instructors, the welcoming feeling I received, and my positive interactions with others, I would highly recommend this retreat to any one who is considering it. Tracy, Salt Lake City

Thank you very much for everything. it was such a great escape to focus and energize/recharge. I learned so many great new techniques to take back to my own practice. I also met some great people I hope to develop long lasting friendships with.
Lindsey, Las Vegas

Thank you very much for sharing your place. We enjoyed every moment. We were not pushed to do anything that we didn’t want to do. We enjoyed the conversations with the staff. They were all very helpful and friendly. This is the perfect place to relax completely & be inspired at the same time. We will be back. Kris, Salt Lake City

I so loved the safe and nurturing environment in which I was able to dive into that still place within. The ability to bubble up to the surface and participate in the activities when I wanted was just what I needed. Life is so full of demands and schedules that being able to come here and not have to do anything was so healing. Thank you. I will be back and will let all my friends know about this wonderful place. Bright blessings in Oneness. Deej, Salt Lake City

“Vastly exceeded my expectations. There are no words…” Harsh, Gujarati student at BYU

“The entire experience was wonderful. There were a couple of activities I was too tired to attend, but I felt absolutely no pressure. I was very satisfied.”
Michael, Orem, Utah

“This (retreat) was what I needed. I will recommend it. The staff is amazing and very accommodating. I laughed more than I have in a long time.” Jean, Brigham City, Utah

“I would definitely invite others to come. I already had several girl friends who wanted to come, so I know you’ll have more from Price next time. Would you ever consider hosting private groups for the weekend? Everyone was wonderful, very gracious.”
Rebecca, Price, Utah

The retreat weekend was wonderful. The residents were very gracious. I had a great time. I met wonderful people. Thank you for everything. I will definitely recommend this retreat and the temple to my friends and family.” Jada, Ogden, Utah

How wonderful to see you this last weekend. I really had a terrific time, thank you again for your warm hospitality and opening your ashram to me. I learned a lot about myself thanks to you, Hanuman, Yogi, and Alan also the people attending the retreat. It’s funny, they say the teacher,  (guru) will come when a person is ready. The experience I had at the retreat was most enlightening in which several things I have been struggling with seem to have been completely resolved. Amazing, truly. Helen, Burbank, California

“The retreat was a huge success! Everyone was completely satisfied with the food, lodging, yoga, kirtan, and activities. The llamas, peacocks, parrots, and wonderful staff were the icing on the cake for this fun filled, spiritual weekend. I love coming to Spanish Fork and being part of the Om Shanti Retreat. I get to share my knowledge of yoga and meet interesting people from all over.” Alan, Newport Beach, California

“I loved the staff. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I thought the variety of activities was perfect – loved the yoga, kirtan, having the chance to talk about the temple and beliefs. I loved everything! I’m really grateful I came. Will see you again soon!”
Linda, Salt Lake City

“It was a perfect weekend. I went to bed every night feeling full, spiritually, physically and mentally. I feel challenged and inspired to bring what I’ve learned into my daily life.” Emily, Salt Lake City

“The weekend far exceeded my expectations. I learned a lot about yoga and am excited to do more. The presentation of yoga as a tool toward heightened spirituality was appreciated. I loved meeting everyone and, as Caru mentioned in the beginning, the relationships were what I will cherish most and take with me. I’m getting everyone’s contact information.” Randy, Salt Lake City

“I really liked the opportunity to get to know the people & share experiences with each other. Even though we’ve all been different places, learned different things, and accomplished different things, it really felt like we were all just friends and fellow travelers, sharing a bit of the road together. I just want to mention that it’s always been a dream of mine to have a homestead where friends, strangers, and travelers would be welcome to stay as long as they need, and rest from their stressful situations for as long as it takes them to find inner strength again. It seems to me that your temple and grounds proved that such a thing is possible, and I found it very refreshing. I would like to pattern my future home or hospice close to what I have seen and experienced this past weekend.”
Naarah, Provo

“Would like to take a longer retreat/4-5 days/this seemed too short. Will always recommend to others.” Bonnie, Salt Lake City

“I am going to recommend this retreat to my friends. The weekend was calming & relaxing. I would like more explanation re philosophy & background. Everyone was very helpful. Caru & Vai were excellent hosts & very informative – also they seem to radiate serenity, peace, & acceptance. I had fun & plan on returning. The food was delicious. I enjoyed the tour & chanting very much.” Kathy, Salt Lake City

“The retreat was not what I expected – it was better. I liked the relaxed nature of the retreat & the interaction with the other participants. The yoga was fantastic – I especially enjoyed the outdoor yoga. i would absolutely recommend this retreat, and plan on attending again! Very welcoming respectful atmosphere also.” Claire, Salt Lake City

“I had a great time. Everybody was very friendly.” Marissa, Provo

“It was wonderful. I would recommend to others. Thank you so much.” Jenny, SLC

I had a great time. I loved the yoga classes, the chanting and the people. The food was amazing. In general I enjoyed all the activities. Angela, Salt Lake City

The yoga classes were excellent! A good starting point for beginners. In fact, I will be practicing yoga from now on. Thank you for a great retreat!” Shanker, Lehi Utah

“This retreat was very relaxing and peaceful. I will definitely come back.” Crystal, Fruitlands, Utah

Thank you so much for a rejuvenating weekend. I was very happy with a weekend full of spiritual contemplation’s as well as all the love and caring that I felt while I was there. It is a very special environment that you have. Thomas, Salt Lake City

It was an unexpected retreat for me in many ways. I am most grateful for everything & look forward to sharing my pictures with others, as well as recommending the next retreat . Elizabeth, California

Taking my time & deep meditative yoga was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to take it out of the “athletic” context & find the spiritual oneness with your body. Alan was a dynamic teacher. The food classes were so fun. Simple ingredients can make exciting food that is a pleasure to eat. I will be back for another retreat & I hope to bring people with me. I have made such wonderful friends in a short period & can’t wait to be with them again.
Leah, Ogden

This is my second retreat here. I spent much of my time in quiet meditation & study. Thanks for allowing the flexibility of attending portions instead of the entire event.  You always manage to exceed my expectations. I cannot thank you enough. Alan, Ogden

The relaxed non regimented atmosphere allowed me to really rejuvenate myself. Gene, Provo

I liked the balance of everything. I would definitely recommend it to others. Melissa, Provo

You truly opened up and accepted us as part of your community – so we felt a part of it not simply guests. There is so much positiveness and inclusiveness — which was a gift. It’s a bit tough to adjust back to life when I can’t do yoga for 3 hours a day and there’s no chanting (which is quite bonding). I also miss having lots of fresh healthy food to eat for each meal. I haven’t had any desire to eat meat since I left. Janet, Fruit Heights

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