What to do for the day they call Turkey Day?

Provided by: Jayasri Radha
The Vedic Viewpoint and Other Spiritual Perspectives

The day that many people all over America call Turkey day, is not a good day for the turkeys. All over America people will be preparing something called stuffing which they are going to stuff into the end of a dead turkey carcass and spend much of the day meditating on the dead bird in the oven and carefully basting it so they can enjoy the birds crisp skin. (Yuck) I can not think of a worse way to spend a day that I would like to give thanks and be grateful for.

Those who think themselves pious pride themselves in buying “free range turkeys.” What a farce that is. Let the thousands of birds run free then whack their heads off for your sheer sense gratification.- Let’s do pious work by feeding poor and homeless people slaughtered birds. What a good deed done. The fact is few Americans know what good is or what to give thanks for. Bhagavad-Gita (The essence of the Vedic Literature) says there is charity done in goodness, passion or in ignorance. The above sort of charity is in the mode of ignorance and only gives one more suffering and leads to darkness. There is also food in the mode of Goodness passion or ignorance. Flesh of any kind is in the mode of ignorance and is not food for humans. So these gatherings people come together for and eat dead animals are all in the mode of ignorance. Unless the food on the table is free from animal flesh and offered to God first one eats only sin. “God thank you for letting us sin today so we can reap heaps of karma for all this death we indulged in.”- And people wonder why they are suffering. The only time animal flesh is allowed according to scripture is when there is absolutely nothing else to eat. Even then one has to kill it them self. Oh yes or if the animal dies on its own it is allowed. But that is not the case with all these animals people are indulging in.

Christians we know your excuses but they are only misinterpretations and mistranslations in the Bible which lead you to believe that you can eat meat. In the book “You mean that’s in the Bible” by Stephen Rosen, he presents all the mistranslations from Greek to English on the word meat. In Greek Broma actually meant food, Brosis- “the act of eating food”, Phago- “to eat”, Brosimos” -that which may be eaten”, Trophe- “nourishment, Prosphagon- “anything to eat”. In most cases in the bible these words where translated into the word “flesh or meat”, which are actually the incorrect translation which changes the whole meaning of the verses. So “thou shall not kill” is clear when you read the rest of the Bible with the proper translations. Also”To slew an ox is to slew a man.” is in Isaiah, that is clear. We just have to become sincere seekers of truth and all is revealed… But if we want to delude our self, you will be cheated and suffer the results.

As for the Jewish tradition on sacrificing and slaughtering animals nicely, that is cheating religion. This is big business and no true Rabbi would do such a thing, which is the main reason Jesus came to stop these sacrificial offerings. Ask the original Christian Essenes who have the lost teachings of Christ. (Much of which was found in the Vatican).

Let’s stop making our bellies a graveyard for innocent animal flesh, and then we can in good conscience give thanks.

For those who want to eat out on Thanksgiving Day and do not want to incur any bad Karma, eat at Govindas Vegetarian all you can eat Buffet. 1400 Cherry Street.

Now that’s something to be Thankful for.

By Jayasri Radha

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Save a Turkey eat Tofurkey!

Tofurkey Recipe

3 Extra firm Tofu packages

1 table spoon Bragg Liquid aminos

1 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp hing (Asafoetida) buy at health food store or Indian market (optional)

½ tsp. thyme powder

Put all into a blender or food processor until smooth

Pour into a stainless bowl and cover with saran wrap and put into freezer overnight

Take out to unthaw in morning and place on a greased baking tray

Bake on 375 F- Baste every half hour for 2 ½ hours After one hour of baking slice a cut down the middle to let basting mixture get in

Basting Ingredients

2/3 cup Bragg liquid aminos

1 table spoon oil (I like sunflower)

½ tsp black pepper

½ tsp cumin powder

¼ tsp hing (asafoetida powder)

¼ tsp thyme powder

Mix all ingredients each time before basting Use about one each time you baste (Just a little)

For gravy use the above ingredients only ½ cup Bragg and 4 cupd cold water mixed with ¼ cup corn starch. Or you can use flower or ground oatmeal. Cook in a sauce pan until thick. If too thick add water if need bee thicker add cornstarch or flower. You can add other spices you like as well. You can use milk instead of water or a combination of both.

For other vegetarian gravy and stuffing recipes, just go on line and there are many recipes offered there.

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