India Fest

 Sat September 24 5PM

Utah’s Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork will host the Annual India Fest
Contact: Charu Das or Vaibhavi Devi
801.798.3559 / 801.787.1510


After 28 increasingly successful years of India Fest, few people in Utah County are unaware that, once a year, you can go to India without spending a lot of money. You can have India right in — of all places — Spanish Fork!

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Admission is $3.00 person/$1.00  children.

Set around the Rajastani-style, multi-domed temple, the eight acre festival site will feature world class entertainment, cuisine, a gift shop, henna hand decorating, art, photography, cultural exhibits on India, a gala pageant of the epic Ramayana, the burning of a 20’ high ten-headed demon named Ravana, and spectacular fireworks.

Schedule of Performances

5:00 pm, Sound Bath & Sonic Massage by Chad Davis & Friends
Let your soul experience the MAGIC of a SOUND BATH! With Tibetan,Himalayan 7 Metal Bowls,Crystal Singing Bowls,Flutes,Drums,Rattles,Gongs,Mantras,produce sounds which invoke a DEEP RELAXATION,naturally assist in STRESS REDUCTION and HOLISTIC HEALING! You will best enjoy this experience lying on the grass, for which you may care to bring a blanket.

Sound bath
Chad davis
6:00 pm Duet by Two Child Prodigies, Adwaita and Vibhu: Vocals and Harmoniums


6:15 pm Sushma Mohan Dance Troupe from Los Angeles


Soorya Dance Company – Los Angeles Presents 
KRISHNAARPANUM – Myriad stories of Krishna.
A Dance presentation of various episodes of Lord Krishna in Bharathanatyam. 
Concept, Choreography and Lead dancer Guru Sushma Mohan
Dancers : 
Sowmya Vijayan
Meenakshi Nair
Reanna Edakkara
Kirthika Alwar
proponent of Bharathanatayam dance form. She combines genuine understanding of the traditional
form while remaining alive to new possibilities about how it can be adapted to more contemporary
sensibilities. Sushma is a wonderful dancer, impeccable in her sense of rhythm and in command of
her material and form. Having learned under eminent teachers in India Sushma has performed all over
India and USA.

Sushma Mohan India fest7:00 pm: Jyothsna Sainath Dance Solo


Main Event: 7:15 pm: Pageant of the world’s most loved epic, the Ramayana. It culminates at 8:00 pm with the spectacular burning of the effigy of evil Ravana with flaming arrows and fireworks.

Ravana Sunset

There are 400 parking spaces on the temple property. Parking is free. There is no need to park on the road, and walk a long way to the event.
Seating will be on grass, so if you like bring a blanket.

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