A Swami Goes Golfing

A swami was feeling bored one Sunday and decided to take the day off away from the temple program. He told his servant he wasn’t feeling well and drove away. He stopped at a golf course about forty miles away where no one would know him and decided to play a round of golf.

Up in Heaven, the demigods were talking. One said to another, “He can’t just get away with that! This is wrong, he was supposed to give the class — he is an example for so many devotees!” The other demigod agreed but decided to wait to see how Krishna would take care of him.

The swami teed off on the first hole and suddenly the wind picked up, blowing the ball right in the hole for a 420 yard hole-in-one.

The demigods looked at each other in great surprise. One said, “Why did He do that??” The other realized the wisdom behind it and smiled…

“Who’s he going to tell?”


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