Britta Blog – Weekend at the Temple

The weekend I just spent at the Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple was so wonderful, I had a really hard time coming home. I only wish Adrian had been there. I had so much fun with all the devotees: Caru Das, Vaibavi, Sri Hanuman, Wendy, Gonzo, and everyone else who lives at the temple including […]

Om Shanti Retreat this weekend

Enjoy a relaxing retreat at the Krishna Temple.  At the foot of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, the structure itself is a landmark Rajasthani-style temple wherein Krishna resides.  For a weekend, all amenities are provided in a devotional atmosphere.  Experienced leaders offer an unhurried schedule of events for deep relaxation and inward-turning focus…..Read more…

Utah Valley University Review on Holi

An important but underlying part of the festival is the kirtan chanting. Kirtan bands will play the chant that is used to become closer to God and one’s fellow man. The bands played the chant over and over until the crowd automatically started chanting along: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna,Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare […]

Holi Media Coverage

Here are a number of links connecting to most of the media coverage, before and after, of the recent Holi Kirtan Fest in Spanish Fork Utah. The police, who were directing traffic, estimated 40,000 attended the first day and 10,000 the second. Channel 2 TV FOX 13 Brigham Young University Newspaper Times of India Provo […]

Two News Programs Aired Live From the Temple

30,000 people are expected to converge on Spanish Fork this weekend. They’re all heading to the annual Hare Krishna Festival of Colors. If you don’t know what it is, you’re quickly becoming the minority. – Read the full article from ABC 4 – More Video: – Salt Lake City’s KUTV 2 Live in the Temple […]

News 11 BYU Festival Underway

Imagine trying to plan a party for 30,000 people. Priest Caru Das Adikari of the Krishna Temple is doing just that in preparation for the festival of colors in Spanish Fork. The volunteers are in preparation in getting the job done. Read more & see video…

WOOFERS Love Utah Krishna Temple

Because of its organic gardens the Krishna temple has been host to a steady stream (the stream will become a flood in the spring growing season!) of ‘WOOFERS’ this past winter. ‘Woofers’ are World Wide Organic Farmers, young people from all over the world,  who contact host farms and work 4 hours daily for room […]

Shiva Ratri this Sunday Feb. 27th

Shiva Ratri will be celebrated Sunday February 27, 5 pm in the Krishna temple at Spanish Fork with classical Indian dance, drama, a sacred bathing ceremony of Lord Shiva, a power point presentation projected onto a huge screen, the chanting of Lord Shiva’s 108 names, music,  and feasting. Read more…