Krishna Temple moves closer to SLC, U

Utah Daily Chronicle by Chris ShapardLocal residents and students at the University of Utah may soon have the opportunity to partake in the festivals of the Spanish Fork Krishna Temple without leaving Salt Lake. The addition of a new Hindu Krishna Temple will be an extension of the one located in Spanish Fork. Read More…

Krishna Temple Offers Integrated Yoga Classes

by Lana Creer Harris, Provo Daily HeraldCaru Das announced the Festival of Colors this year will be attended by the best Kirtan bands on the West Coast for two days of Kirtan. “Nothing like it; it will be an unparalleled vortex of spirituality,” Caru said of the festival, scheduled for March 26 and 27. Read […]

Salt Lake City Center?

We’ve embedded this video to give news of a major expansion of Krishna Consciousness in Utah.  We are under contract to purchase this property. Located near downtown and the University of Utah, it is ideally situated at 965 East 3370 South. We’ve embedded this video to give news of a potential major expansion of Krishna […]

New Year’s Eve Kirtan

Provo City Sponsors an annual New Year’s Eve “First Night” in the Provo Towne Center Mall. Devotees had the best slot, from 11 pm til midnight after which there was a huge fireworks display in the parking lot. Provo City Sponsors an annual New Year’s Eve “First Night” in the Provo Towne Center Mall. Devotees […]

Llamas Help Collect for Food Bank

Last year, 240 people and 33 llamas spent four nights caroling and collected 1,831 cans of food. Clive, who rents the llamas from the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, said the Krishnas have been extremely generous and that they are the reason he is able to do this. Read more…

Krishna devotees observe vegetarian Thanksgiving

Provo Daily Herald, by Lana Creer HarrisShould a turkey have attended dinner at the Krishna temple on Thursday, it would have been as an honored guest. All guests are welcome by Krishna devotees who celebrated the holiday with a vegetarian feast. Read more…

The ISKCON Experience

By Julie Acharya RayEvery month in Salt Lake City and around, ISKON has at least one home program. Somehow for the past several months we have been attending one or the other. I am not sure what draws me there: to listen to an interesting presentation or to be a part of the invigorating Hare […]

Krishna Temple Field Trip

Many students felt that cultural misconceptions were dispelled that day and many talked about taking their families there to experience this wonderful  cultural resource in our community. Read more…