TK’s Video from stage

TK Took this video of Holi from the stage on March 27th: TK Took this video of Holi from the stage on March 27th: Here is a second video from a family blog:

What Others Have Written about “Om Shanti Retreats”

We have our fall “OM Shanti Retreat” coming up on October 7- 9. Cost is a mere $ 125.00 single, $ 201.00 couple with online registration. Here are quotes from previous retreatees, in case anyone wants further encouragement to sign up. Register Online   This is my second retreat at the Krishna temple. I feel […]

Holi: Festival of Colors bring Utahns out from hibernation

From the Globe, newspaper of SLC Community CollegeSpanish Fork houses the biggest Holi celebration in the U.S. where people from California, Nevada, Texas even the U.K. and China came to celebrate. Though it’s open to all and requires no admission fee, the chalk, your ammunition, is $5 for three packs. Read more…

Holi: KUTV Coverage, Additional Videos & Blogs

Keep checking back as this list will be added to whenever any new good posts appear. Great photos by Mark Johnson, Herald Staff Caru’s Event page, by Scott Jarvie & 13 friends5,000 photos for sale (you’re all in there), 50% goes to benefit the temple New 4/2/10…Jason Gonzalez Photos..stunning Mia Familia Blog Life is like […]

Fox News

SPANISH FORK – Thousands of Utahns and visitors gathered to the Lotus Krishna Temple to celebrate the coming of Spring. People who attended the Holy Festival of Colors threw colored powder up in the air to welcome the new season. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over bad with music, chanting and dancing. See […]

Chaulk will Fly

Deseret News..SPANISH FORK — “Once a year the air in Spanish Fork fills with a cloud of colorful chalk, part of a celebration to welcome the spring. But the event has become so popular that this year the chalk will fly twice.” Read more…

Kate’s Escapades – Holi, Festival of Colors

Quick! When I say the words “Hare Krishna” what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you thought men with shaved heads and women with long wavy hair, chanting, wearing white robes, and selling flowers at the airport, you’d be echoing my first thoughts. (You’d also be aging yourself, but that’s entirely another […]

Daily Herald On Holi

It’s a reliable sign of springtime in Utah Valley. Several thousand strangers come together to frolic and pelt each other with colored powders — by the end of the day, participants often resemble the survivors of an explosion at a food coloring factory. Read more…