Cucumber Pachadi – Raita

Cucumber washed, peeled & finely chopped
Yogurt 2 cups
Cilantro (coriander leaf) washed and finely chopped
Green chillies 1-2 finely chopped
Coconut grated 1 t.spoon
Salt 1/2 t.spoon
Mustard seeds less than 1/4 t.spoon
Hing a small pinch
 (omit on Ekadasi as hing is usually cut with whole wheat flour.)   
Cooking Oil 1/2 t.spoon
Wet grind green chilles, salt, coconut and little cilantro in little yogurt.
 Mix the above with cucumber, and the remaining yogurt.
  Fry mustard and hing in little oil and add it to above.

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