Philosophy 201 Class

This is the Temple’s inner sanctum wherein members can deepen their relationship with Krishna under the mentorship of senior devotees.

The Philosophy 201 Class is an ongoing series of scriptural readings and discussions, a rare opportunity to receive the perspective of a Krishna-conscious spiritual authority.

Caru das has been a devotee of Krishna for over 40 years. Caru will direct readings for the group in the Bhagavad-gita, the revered Song of God, and give a Krishna perspective to members’ pressing life issues and questions.

Caru das has become a very sought-after speaker and teacher in the wider international community of ISKCON, and we are very privileged to hear his insights and guidance so constantly here in Utah at his “home” temple.

We will maintain each class as an intimate group with an attendance of 12 or less.

If you are a newcomer to the Krishna Temple, join us for a monthly New Member Meeting.

Become a member, and gain access to this class, the Lifestyle 101 Class, and the community and resources on the Member Area of the website.

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