Statements from Listeners

Statements from Listeners around the world…

Dear Caru dasa,
              I have been listening to your internet Krishna radio for the past few years and
I think it’s about the best Krishna concious radio I have found, I listen on Winamp’s shoutcast radio. I live in Nice, California and have called you before to tell you how much
I appreciate your broadcast………..
               Anyway I hope you are around for a long time, it’s hard having to live away from
devotees, but internet radio is my association and it’s so wonderful to find so many Krishna concious web sites on the internet………….
PEACE!!! Love and Hugs!
Kirti devi dasi,
(Karen F. Hennberger)

My name is Giri Govardhana dasa I’m an inictiated disciple of his Grace Srila Virabahu. I live in Venezuela, South America, in a city called Valencia. I write to congratulate you for the great work you’re doing specially for the radio station from which I benefit a lot, I always listen to this radio station on Internet in my house, and is very inspiring since there isn’t any temple or  many devotees in this city,  one of my best connection to krishna conciouss is this, so I wish you keep up with the great work you’re doing and wish some day can go and visit you up there with my family. I’m an English teacher here so I can take full advantage of all your programs. Once I met one of your disciples who came to venezuela his name is Gauraprasad das and we had a very nice association, we still keep in touch sometimes.
Thanks for everything,
Giri Govardhan dasa, Venzuela


I have just discovered Radio Krsna today via Kurma das’s website blog.  What a delight!
This is just a brilliant station. I am in South Africa and we do not have any such thing here.
Thanks a lot and Hare Krsna to you all at Radio Krishna.
Sudika Ragoonandan, South Africa

I found your web sight through your article on Chakra “Christmas gathering at the Governor’s Mansion” from there I linked to your site. I have been on your site and listening to your radio station non-stop for three days.
 I’m so impressed by what you and your wife are doing. I’m ready to liquidate and move to Spanish Fork. I have been living and driving the same 50 mile radius for over 46 years. The beauty the open spaces and the closeness to nature are begging me to come there. Although San Diego is Beautiful and I love the devotees and Radha Girid-hari. I hope one day I can spend a significant amount of time there. For now I’m making plans to bring my husband and daughter for the Holi Festival in March.
We wish you and your wife a safe journey to India, and look forward to meeting you and you in March. Thank you so much for doing this radio show, It is huge….. I’m listening right now about the spiritual qualities of a leader, And I pray deeply that our government leaders will find your station. There is so much garbage polluting our airwaves, Thank the lord you are here to clear the air. I will be sending you donations for your radio station, I believe strongly in what you are doing.
I own and operate a Wellness Center Center in San Diego and I’m running your program in my lobby as much as I can.
Ladali Devi, San Diego

I ‘m Michail from Greece and I ‘m listening to your show for a couple of months now. What I can say is that it is inspiring,  joyful and great to listen to! It is REAL just as everything that has to do with Krishna! 
So, do I like it?
I’m loving it, I’m loving it, I’m loving it!
Michail, Greece

Thank you once again for the wonderful provided by the radio station. I listen almost everyday to the stories from the Mahabharata and commentaries from The Vedic Observer. By Sri Krishna’s mercy I have at my disposal broadband connection so I am able to listen for long periods of time. Please keep up this wonderful service. Hare Krishna.
Ian, United Kingdom

I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the wonderful music on your radio station all the way in Johannesburg South Africa. It inspires me and keeps me focused on Krishna’s Lotus feet, as it is so easy to get caught up in maya and  the days work and all the accompanying emotions that go with a stressful job.
This morning was horrible, tempers flying, accusations made, et al, but the moment I logged onto your station, the mercy just flowed through my being and I feel so elevated and am truly humbled at you wonderful gift to us fallen souls.
May Krishna bless you and may you go from strength to strength to bring the divine music of Krishna’s Flute to lift up our weary souls.
All the very best and keep up the wonderful work.
Rita Laila, South Africa

Last week I made a discovery which has brought me nothing but endless ecstatic symptoms… a link to your radio station! I have been listening to it constantly and have been totally blown away by the diversity of material you put on. I am especially struck by the otherworldly quality of the Indian bhajans… where did you find this treasure trove of melodies and do I dare ask how can I obtain a map with an X marks the spot? In all seriousness, if you have any names of Indian artists that you could possibly share, I would give anything to be able to look them up and learn all I can. Thank you so much for putting such beautiful devotional tunes out into the

After I discovered this radio station, I became more curious about this temple in the middle of Utah. Quite frankly, I think I can count the number of times that Utah crosses my mind on one hand for the whole year. But then to find devotees living out there! I was so curious. I went on to read about some of the programs you have going on there, and I just have to say, from what I can tell, it really looks like you guys got a really nice thing going on. I actually immediately called my mom and dad to tell them that I wanted to go stay out there for awhile and they answered, “You should… Caru and Vaibhavi are really special devotees.” They seemed pretty convinced, so I asked them how they knew, and that’s how I found out that my parents knew you guys back in LA. Do you remember Adi Deva and Siladitya? Well they remember you and they wish you very warm hari bols. So after this, I just wanted to write the both of you to send my appreciation. I am an art student and musician up here in Boston and have recently became very interested in “transcendentalizing” my artistic and musical endeavors in whatever way possible. Your radio station is definitely helping to inspire me in that process.
Thank you and hope we can continue to stay in touch in the future (because I really do want to come visit!)
Taraka devi, Boston, Mass.

I just wanted to give you some kind words of thanks and praise for your web-site and radio station.  Although I have never visited your temple, I feel the intense mood of love and dedication through your wonderful service of media.  I go to your web-site often and now that I have web access at home and not just work, I am thrilled to tune in to your radio web cast every morning after I get the kids to school.  We are now listening while eating dinner too.  Thank you thank you!  Please keep it going, I am kind of dependent on it now.
ys, Aparajita devi dasi, Reno, NV

I just want to comment on the radio station – its too good I listen to it thru out my work day – it inspires me and motivates me to live another day and fulfill my karma. We all dread this body and life and the challenges but when we keep close to some one as great as Bhagavan Himself I guess what more could we ask for.
Thank you for this lovely website and radio station.
Trying to be good devotee
Karushka, South Africa, Johannesburg

Ok, thank you. It is a very nice program indeed. You are playing wonderful music. I loved music so much even before coming to Krishna Consciousness  and now even more! I think I will be listening to you for the rest of my life. It is a great source of inspiration when I am working. Your shows are great. I listen to them everyday.
Aleksi from Lapland, Finland

I listen to your radio station through the interet, quite often (daily basis).  I wanted to write and let you know that I really enjoy listening your programing.  Many thanks for such content, which is (except for KHQN) unheard on any type of medium.

I had the opportunity to visit India several times over the last few years, and the experience really changed my life for the better.  Needless to say, I found a new direction and have a better understanding of many questions that I have been asking my whole life.  I have done this through my introduction to Hinduism, namely the teaching of the Vedas, Bhagavad-Gita, Puranas and similar texts.

Anyway, I was happy to be able to find a radio station such as yours.  I especially like the lecture/spoken word segments.  The music is very enjoyable (the variety of music, for example), but I get so much more through the teachings.  If possible, please add more of this programming to your schedule.
Taj, New York City

Your website  and  the  Radio  Program  is  excellent.  I  wish  you  you  post  more  news  of  great  event  in greater  ISKCON  (other  parts  of  the world especially  in Africa, unknown places, Tasmania etc)   Thank  you  very  much.  I  listen  to  you  radio  everyday  for  8 hours.  I  like  Atmatattva’s  classes.
Gandhari Dasi, Canada

Good day!I am originally I am from the Philippines but right now i just move to the US here at Gainesville, Florida and working at the Krishna lunch program. I was surfing the Chakra site and I found the Utah temple link.
I’m so happy listening to KHQN! It is really an amazing thing that you and your wife did. And the temple is so beautiful.
Malati dd, Florida

Haribol from the Ozarks, southern shore of Bullshoals Lake at the border of S MO and N AR! We want to keep sendng you our thanks and inspiration.

We love your show and know that Krsna is happy with you doing such great seva for the devotees of the world.  We listen to your program almost all the time while we do our daily household work. It is inspiring and we can’t help but dance and sing with your songs. Your website is great too.  We hope to visit the Utah Krsnas the next time we drive west to California. Haribol.

 My husband Jagatkarta das and I love your program and wanted to send you an inspirational Haribol e-mail to encourage you in your wonderful seva.  We were baking prasad-cookies this morning and were rockin’ to your wonderful KC music while we baked. We listen to your program almost daily while we do our gardening-cleaning-domestic chores too.  We wish you the very best!  Please keep it up!
Taravali and Jagatkarta das, Ozarks

I just wanted to tell you guys that your radio show is just amazing!  Ever since I got involved with Krishna Consciousness about two years ago, I have been listening to your station almost daily!  It allows me to hear the Lord’s name and great words of wisdom, exactly what I need to keep me going in this world of never ending suffering.  Before I would listen to rap/hip hop while studying but now I only play Krishna’s bhajans and kirtans. Nothing picks my spirit up like hearing the maha mantra sung with complete devotion. Thank you for bringing us the message of Krishna and Srila Prabupada.
Rahul, Toronto, Canada

     “I am Dr. Singh on the medical  faculty at U. of Chicago .
I really love your radio programs which I get through the web. I started listening to it recently and started loving it very much.  I was planning to write you earlier how much I appreciate this programs and  wanted to support your programs.  Thanks for the beautiful music  …. good selection from all indian languages as well as good blend of western music. I am  encouraging my daughter as well as my Indian  medical students to listen to this radio . I have some of my students from Utah and some of them  asked me very interesting questions about Utah Krishnas !! Thanks for spreading the voice of God’s love .”
Please find this humble contribution ($ 200). As I wrote in my e-mail, please continue your Radio Krishna. It purifies the land, earth’s atmosphere (imagine the spurious radio talk shows coming through radio waves and polluting the atmoshpere) and hearts of many, many listeners. You are doing the best offering to our beloved Lord Krishna! Hare Krishna.
Dr. Sathi Singh, Chicago, Ill.

 It’s still excellent even with the breaks (due to our slow connection speed) . Kelilalita dasi recognized your voice giving lecture.. All very nice, including the music mix .
Ronald Conroy, Hawai

Great to see you in New Vrindavan. Thanks for putting me on your e-mail list. I’m enjoying and listening to the radio regularly. The ever-changing Krishna conscious formats make it an ideal background for most of the work I do.
Kalakantha Das, Alachua. Florida

Thank you for your insightful web site and radio. It has enriched my life with knowledge and I hope to lean more about Krishna. I have many questions.
David Wade, Knoxville, TN.
I have come across your radio( over the internet  and I listen to it all the time. It is like finding a crystal clear lake of pure water in an endless and scorching desert. There is no way I can express my deep appreciation for your wonderful service to Sri Krishna, Sri Chaitanya, Srila Prabhupada and to us lost souls in this world of delusion. This is all I can say. May the Lord bless you and all those that are working at this project. May Krishna take you all back to Him in His spiritual abode when this body will be finished and give you all protection and satisfy your desires in this world. I am sure Srila Prabhupada must be deeply pleased by this radio mridanga (drum) you are beating in his service over the ether and …web. May his benediction be upon you to carry on this service for the benefit of all mankind.
My name is Stefano and I am from Milan, Italy.

The internet radio is fantastic! This is better than a radio station as one can get it anywhere. I keep my computer running most of the day playing the station. The quality is good, the amount of music is vast, and the dramas are entertaining and illuminating.
Dr. David Moore, Knoxville, Tenn.

Thank you for the inspiring news. Yes, I also found that being the age of Harinama Sankirtana, through the medium of music I am able to reach out to so many people in my preaching programs with our music. So many people’s hearts are touched through Krishna’s bhajans. Therefore I am always happy to hear good news like the one you just sent.
Please continue to share your good music and news with us.
Sacidevi dasi. Mumbhai, India

I am a regular listener to KHQN Radio Krishna Station and really enjoy the contents that you put together. Last Sunday I was listening to one Radio Drama and I wanted to ask you if I could get a copy of that so we could have that for our drama
presentation. I belong to the New Goloka dham here in Hillsborough, North Carolina. The drama was about a court case where the attempt was to prove the presence of God. It also involved the Darwin theory etc. Hope you will be able to know which one I am referring to.
Dvaipayana Das, Hillsborough, NC

Thanks ! For giving one of the most wondeful gifts to the world. You have made it easy for me  and many others who want to spread the spiritual message to the world. I would like to visit the temple someday..
Shyam Kapila, Brecksville Ohio

Thank you very much bringing Krishna Consciousness to Okinawa, Japan via your online radio station. It brings great joy to be sitting behind my desk working as I hear other co-workers listening to the blissful music from your online radio station being played throughout the office. From your radio station alone, our local ISKCON program has been able to expand from a mere 5 devotees to over 26 interested persons. It would truly benefit our program if you could send some sample advertisements that I could post around the American community here. Our local program is actually hoping to sponsor an advertisement in the local military paper about your online radio station ( Please keep up the great work and continue to lead people to Krishna Consciousness through your online radio station.
Hare Krishna,
Bhakta Robert Swanson

Hare Krishna, Lovely website, great radio station, also love your gallery and most of all your Temple is sooooo beautiful with a beautiful landscape & view. I am a regularly attendee of ISKCON temple in Birmingham and Watford Temple in England UK.
Jaya Roy, England UK

I can’t tell you how much I love this radio station. It is seriously on my computer almost all day! We are all blessed that you are providing our souls with this! My kids even learn from the skits you have. Thanks and Hare Krishna.
Heather Mayce, Akron, Ohio

I am listening to your internet radio here in Mumbai and enjoying.  Please keep it up. 
Amala Gaura das, Mumbai, India
In the thirteen or fourteen years of being associated with Krishna Conscousness, your radio broadcasts have been more valuable than classes at the college level.  Culture, music of all types (from Indian classical to 60’s rock), stories from the Indian Classics, devotional insights, philosophy– and all to help aid the traveler to become God-conscious.
Gerald K. Dick, Provo, Utah
I am a young newly Krsna consious person (2 years now), I have started to listen to radio Krsna, and I just wanted to say that I love your radio channel!! The best is the storys from the Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam etc. I love the channel so much that I will put it as a link on my site!!
Hare Krsna from Sweden!!
Bhakta Zamael

Aloha and Hari Bol!
I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you are on the air!!!!! I am a devotee on Kauai listening over the internet……
May Radha and Krsna bless your efforts millions and millions of times!!!!
Thank you again,
A grateful Radha Krsna devotee
Jayanti, Hawai

Have enjoyed listening to your webcast from the land of Joymany. Attached are links to 21 songs with spiritual overtones. If Krsna wills, download and broadcast any of them on your station.
Major Bliss, Germany

I stumbled across your nice website while searching for online radio stations. While expanding my search to include KC stations, I found your station and site. After only listening a short while, I feel the positive energy. I like the mix of stuff that you include in your playlist. The variety is good. Very good.
Also. your temple looks beautiful, complete with beautiful animals. The clip from R & E Weekly was/is great. If the attitude that pervaded in that segment is truthful (wasn’t just PR), then you restore my faith in the future of the movement – a movement that must now embrace the brotherhood of man more warmly than before.
I will be listening often.
Congratulations on all.
New York

I am in a little corner of Florida, in Alachua county and I want to thank you for your wonderful KC Radio station. I was there once, 20 years ago, who would have thought that you were going to develop it into a such great preaching tool! Thank you again, and again! ys,
Mahattama Rahla, Florida

My name is Gayatri Jayaraman. I and my husband(TV Jayaraman) stay in Salt Lake City and had visited your temple 2 weeks back.VaibhaviJi told us about the UtahKrishnas Radio and from that day onwards both of us regularly listen to the radio(thru Internet) and are getting a new spiritual experience by listening to the songs and stories.
We sincerly appreciate your efforts for launching Utah Krishnas Radio.
Gayatri Jayaraman, Salt Lake City

I listen to your radio station almost daily.  Thank you for that opportunity to hear.  When I first heard the programming I became immediately attached and would miss it (if you were to divert).
Madhumangala das, San Francisco, Cal.

WOW! What a great station!
I’m not even a devotee and I stumbled onto your station a while back and I don’t bother even turning the TV on anymore. I actually took down some of my books and started reading again (I guess the world kind of sucked me in over the last 30 years).  I just wish I could find out what is playing so I could pick up some CD’s of my favorite pieces.
You are doing a great job and I for one am grateful. Hare Krishna.
Keith Leonard, Coconut Grove, Florida

You are doing a wonderful service. I have been listening all day for the past 2 weeks while I paint for an exhibition. Very insiping and I learned a lot. My husband Sachitanoy says now I will become Krsna conscious and learn how to preach
Thank you
Syama Priya Devi, Los Angeles, Cal.

I hope you are both well. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in person—the last time was when I traveled through Utah with Shelter in the early ‘90s.
I listen to KHQN every day at the Mayapur Foundation office in Alachua. I appreciate it so much. The variety you present is refreshing, to say the least, in the tradition of the greatest independent radio stations.
I also confess my happiness in hearing an occasional song by Ekendra dasa and the Planet Cow Orchestra. I’m working on my third album now.
Many times throughout the day you play something by someone I don’t know, and I wish there was some way I could find out what’s playing. Some Internet radio stations have online playlists that tell listeners what song is playing and who the artist is. I would love it if KHQN was able to implement such a feature.
You’re doing such a fabulous service already and this would, in my opinion, only add to the pre-existing fabulous-ness of your online radio presence. Thanks again for doing what you do so well.
Your servant,
Ekendra dasa, Donor Services, Mayapur Foundation, Alachua, Florida

I am listening to your internet Utah station. I love it! Thank you. I wish everyone I know could listen. But regardless, I really appreciate the intellectual presentation and the sweet music. it is great sustinence for my soul and my devotional life (still a seed). It is a battlefied out here, and within my own mind. So thank yolu for the insiughtful preaching.
Vrndavan Vilasini, Northern Virginia, Washington, DC

My name is Tunga Vidya Dasi. I am from Slovenia. I discovered your web site last week. I am listening your radio every day in my office. I like it very much. Especially I like Srila Prabhupada’s lectures and bhajans-traditional Indian style. It is really nice service you do for Guru and Gauranga.
Tunga Vidya Dasi, Slovenia

I am working this Saturday morning in my office, listening to KHQN. All the melodious bhajans, followed by your discussion wirh Yadubhar das re Srimad Bhagavatam…now comes a drama. Thank you very much, prabhji.
Chiman Kotecha, Diamond Bar, Cal.

Thank you for the beautiful message of God Consciousness you are spreading all over the world! Especially, Bhakta Caru Dasa. We are eternally grateful for your generosity for presenting all these wonderful programs on the radio. I am a computer engineering student and am practically listening in all my spare time to the nectar of the programs. They are so useful in opening our eyes to transcendental knowledge. My French girlfriend used to be atheist, but since reading Prabhupada’s Gita recently, she is convinced it is the word of God.
Robin Chatterjee, Paris, France

The Utah Krishnas are doing a wonderful service to all devotees by having this radio station which provides spiritual music to all devotees around the world. I am also really impressed by the community services undertaken by the temple. Keep up the good work.
Bala Krishnan, Montreal, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that I from time to time been given the opportunity to work from my home, and during those
days, I make it a point to listen to your wonderful  broadcasts via the internet. Today I am working at home and listening
to KHQN as I do so. It is so nice to hear uplifting music and talks. Please keep it up.
You may remember that I am the one that is trying to get your broadcasts on to Sirius Satellite radio.  I continue to write to
them and have  not heard from them as yet. But I still have high hopes. I’m doing what I can.
Thanks for all you do.
Rick Mace Valley City Ohio

  Thank you so much for the super wonderful  radio programs that you broadcast all over the world. Here in Spain we have it on 24 h. non stop, we even go to sleep listening to your beautiful programs.
I was thinking that web sites with radio like yours is one of the best tools to spread K.C.. To introduce my self my name Srila Prabhupada gave me  in N. Dwarka LA. in 75 is Nandagopa Das, and i remember you  living there. For long time i wanted to write to you to have some contact, and today after listening to the wonderful Sr. Bhagavatam. talk between you,
Puspadanta, my old sankirtan buddy from LA and Puskaraji, I could not control
myself anymore.
So keep up the wonderful vibrations. I hope Sri Krishna gives you and your wife many ecstatic years to continue this Vaikuntha broadcasting. We’ll maybe see you some day in Sri Vrindavan.
Nandagopa Das, Spain

Thank you for your wonderful service for spreading Krsna consciousness in  this most difficult of ages. I have recently acquired high speed internet,
and now have your station on most of the day and always when I work on the  computer. Jaya KHQN !
My name is Kunkuma devi dasi, I am a Prabhupada disciple living on the Big  Island of Hawaii. My son, Subala dasa and I listen frequently and are so
ecstatic to have this sound vibration at our fingertips. Please don’t stop, and when I am financially able, I will make a donation to help keep your
service going. Thanks again
Sincerely, Kunkuma devi dasi

I am writing to congratulate you on your fantastic radio station!  I listen online as I live in Australia. I was wondering if you have a program or play list that is available to listeners?  Once again congragulations on maintaining these most valuable broadcasts.  
Simon, Australia

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