Releasing Control

There’s something you have to do: Krishna is NOT GOING TO take the burden away. You have to RELEASE the worry, RELEASE the frustration, RELEASE having to figure it out. Come back to a place of peace. Hare Krishna The right attitude is ” Krishna, my life is in your hands. I commit my dreams, […]

Temple Guest House

Why not bypass the motels and stay within a 2 minute walk of the beautiful New Kusum Sarovar temple in Spanish Fork. We have guest quarters with Living Room,  Master bedroom and Separate Bath, as well as three additional bedrooms with two beds each and separate bath. Can sleep between 2 and 8 nicely. Nearby […]

Diwali – 2023

The Krishna Temple invites everyone to come and celebrate in Salt Lake City The event will include kirtan, classical and folk dancing, live music, dramas, a ceremony of lights, huge vegetarian feast, a fireworks show, and garba dance.

Pledge Krishna SLC Temple

Pledge of support Pledge of support Name * First Last * Last Phone Number * Email * Address * City * State * AL AK AR AZ CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MH MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ […]

Hindu Spring Festivals Increase In Popularity

Washington Post“It’s not every day that a stranger says you’d look good in pink and douses you in colored powder. But at last Saturday’s Holi celebration at the Hare Krishna temple in Potomac, this spontaneous act was in no short supply. It was the temple’s fourth annual Holi festival, a Hindu celebration of spring’s arrival […]

Holi Spanish Fork Wrap Up

Visit our facebook page at this address for the latest YouTube Videos, News Reports, and Photo galleries of the Spanish Fork Festival of Colors. If you didn’t make it, or would like more of the same, Salt Lake City Holi will be held from 11 am – 6 pm at the Slat lake Temple on […]

Following You Home

The leader, Visnujana Swami, stopped the kirtan and called me over. “Sit down, young man,” he said, “and I will tell you about the glories of my spiritual master.” Dear Srila Prabhupada, Please accept my humble obeisances in the dust of your lotus feet. Here at the Devotee Youth Festival in South Africa, the devotees […]

Toronto’s Kirtan Collective Draws 12,000

“One screen featured a live shot of the entire crowd taken with a thermal camera supplied by FLIR Systems,” says Keshava. “This showed how people’s body temperatures reacted to the changing tempo of the kirtan.” Read more…

‘Temple of Vedic Understanding’ Documentary Film

 As construction on the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium—ISKCON’s flagship temple in Mayapur, West Bengal—continues, a new documentary has been released online at and on Youtube chronicling the temple’s rise. Read more…  

The Religious Spirit of the Olympic Games

In the beginning, when the ancient Greeks centered an athletic competition around a festival honoring Zeus in 776 BC, the Olympics were steeped in religion. Even the mottos we take for granted originated from faith-based concepts. While the Olympics have largely strayed from their religious roots, here are few moments from history when religion and […]

DC Retreat Inspires Youth

Fifty Hare Krishna youth from around the US were spiritually enlivened beyond expectations at this year’s Pandava Sena retreat entitled Following His Grace, held from July 19th to 24th at the ISKCON temple in Potomac, a suburb of Washington D.C. Read more…

“I Heard it in the Hills”

With the proliferation of music/yoga fests out there, which one should you attend?..This one is NOT about money!  “I heard it in the Hills.” With the proliferation of music/yoga fests, which one should you attend?..this one is NOT about Money! Read more…

Govinda’s, Cuisine with a Philosphy

I then felt that Rs.380 was hardly anything for what I received at the restaurant. I started feeling a sort of addiction for prasadam at that place. I had already made up my mind for the next time at Govinda’s, the Laksmi we give is used by the temple as a donation. BY: PREMANJANA DAS […]

New Zealand PM Visits Krishna Temple

 “A decade ago, when he was a local MP, I would meet him every year at the Buddhist community nearby, where dignitaries are invited for Buddha’s Birthday,” Kalasamvara explains. “We developed a relationship there. He always showed an interest in what we were doing. So this year, we invited him to visit during the year-long […]

Toronto Rathayatra

 Forty years later, a lot has changed. Toronto Rathayatra is now one of the largest in North America, and a hugely popular summer festival for the public in Toronto, where it’s practically a household name. Just as it was forty years ago, however, it is still organized by young devotees, who draw inspiration and energy […]

New York Pulls Out All the Stops

New York’s Brooklyn ISKCON temple has become famous for its epic, multi-day festivals. But this year, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of its presiding Deities, Sri-Sri Radha Govinda, the community pulled out all the stops and threw its biggest festival so far—a ten-day event from June 1st to 10th, drawing thousands of devotees and […]

Are Hare Krishna devotees Hindus?

The question of ISKCON’s identity in relationship to Hinduism has often drawn complex and contradictory responses. For instance, those of South Asian origin often begin their relationship with ISKCON based on their understanding that it represents the same Hindu religion they followed at home. Other members of ISKCON advocate that the Society has little or […]

Buenos Aires Nightclub Sways to Sanskrit Tunes

“The DJ was not playing salsa, samba or reggaton. Instead, the club was vibrating with Sanskrit songs…’Jai jai Radha Ramana hari Bol’, ‘Jai Krishna Hare’, ‘Gurudeva Guru Om’, ‘Govinda Govinda’ and ‘Jai Shiva Shambo’,” said Viswanathan. Read more…

European Gathering in Sinhacalam Temple, Germany

 “First of all, He was so heavy that He broke the crane at the Hamburg Port,” says Simhachalam temple president Govindadev Dasa. “Then, devotees received a frightened call from the delivery man who was driving the Deity to the farm. ‘I don’t know what’s inside this box,’ he said. ‘But whatever it is, I don’t […]

Eight Devotees Pass Away in Plane Crash

The devotees were on their way to a pilgrimage at Nepal’s Muktinath Temple, located at the foot of the Thorong La pass in the Himalayas. One of the most ancient temples of Lord Narayana, it is often mentioned as one of the most sacred places for Sri Vaishnavas. Read more…