The Enemy of Excellence

Maya can’t do anything about the fact you started your spiritual life, but will everything to keep you from finishing.

Lots OF RUNNERS start a marathon but fewer finish. Beyond talent, beyond training, beyond positive thinking and praying, we need be able to tap into the power of persistence.

We need to decide up front. No matter what comes against us, we’re going to go all the way with Krishna. We’re not going to allow anything to cause us to give up. 

There will always be these 3 D’s on the way to your destiny: Difficulties, delays, and depression. You have to know in the beginning, you can’t avoid them. You can’t stop them. They are part of Krishna’s plan to grow you up in spiritual life. If you throw in the towel during any one of these phases, you’re not going to see your purpose fulfilled like it should.

Delay, Difficulty, Dead End,

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