Voice of America to Film Holi

The below is a follow up email to a phone conversation Caru had with a staff member at Voice of America in Washington, DC.   

Dear Caru,

voaIt was good to talk with you this morning. As we discussed over the phone, Voice of America’s Mandarin branch is planning on doing a 5-7 minute feature story on the March 27 Holi Festival. The story will also include background about Krishna.

A journalist will be coming to the Festival from  Washington, DC and filming it. On the day after the festival, He is seeking to conduct interviews with leaders, musicians, and disciples who could add insight to the previous day’s proceedings and to the Krishas in Utah, in general. Parts of these interviews will be included in the 5-7 minute feature story.

By way of background, the Voice of America is the US’s non-commercial international network, currently broadcasting in 44 languages by radio, TV and Internet to a global audience of over 100 million abroad.


The Mandarin Chinese service (VOA’s largest foreign language service) produces a weekly primetime feature program, “Cultural Odyssey,” which airs by satellite TV and Internet to about 30 million viewers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, and Singapore. The 5-10 minute feature stories included in this Chinese-language program are often picked up by other services and aired in other languages, as well. Cultural Odyssey will be the show that broadcasts the feature on the Holi Festival.

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