What’s Blocking Your Growth

REMOVE what’s blocking your growth, and you’ll begin to BLOSSOM. You’ll go to new levels. See, there’s nothing wrong with you. You have the life of Almighty God inside. He created you to rise higher, to be successful, to be confident, to leave your mark.

When you live guilty, you’re in agreement with the ENEMY, MAYA. She’s called the accuser. She’ll remind you of every mistake you’ve made for the last 20 years. She’d LOVE for you to go through life feeling wrong about yourself. What she’s trying to do is STUNT your growth. She’ll do her best to KEEP YOU IN THE SHADE. 

She knows your potential. She knows you were created to soar – that’s why she works overtime trying to make us feel guilty, whispering “You don’t measure up. You failed again. You blew your diet. You didn’t spend enough time with your children”. There’s always some reason to be down on ourselves. You have to put your foot down and say “No, thanks, I’m not living under that shade. I know I’m forgiven. I’m resilient. My past is over, my present is secure, my future is bright”.

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