Yoga Classes at SLC Krishna Yoga Center

Namaste! We offer yoga classes for all levels in the yoga studio at our Salt Lake City temple. Everyone is welcome! You do not have to be a Krishna devotee to attend. Classes run throughout the entire year.

Yoga, which means “connection”, is a discipline that focuses on bringing together breath and body. It has gained traction in the past few decades and is practiced for various health reasons. Yoga is firmly rooted in Hindu tradition and mythology. It involves a series of poses done in a sequence to help cultivate different positive things into our lives.

Those who can give more help to balance out for those who have less to give. We thank you for supporting out intentions to offer affordable yoga classes to the community. 

Suggested donation is $5 – $20  per class / per person. This is how we pay our teachers!
Please help us support our amazing instructors with your donation.

This schedule was last updated on 3/28/2019. If you have questions about the schedule, please call us at (801) 487-4005.  We are located at 365 East 3370 South, Salt Lake City, 84106

Salt Lake City Yoga Class Schedule:

9:00am Restorative Yoga
4:30pm Kids Yoga
6:00pm Vinyasa I
7:30pm Pranasana

9:00am Vinyasa
6:30pm Integrated Yoga
7:30pm Yoga Nidra

9am Vinyasa
6pm Ecstatic Yoga

9am Kundayasa
6:00pm Vinhatha
7:30pm Vinyasa II

9am Anusuara
6pm Ashtanga

10:30am Qi Gong
12pm Restorative
4:30pm Choreo Yoga

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