Administrative Assistant Responsibilities

Administrative Assistant Responsibilities
– 1 PT  hours to be determined

Direct assistant to Temple President

Duties Include:

  • With Yahoo birthday calender notification: send prashad – b-day card/photo, small ziplock with prasad, mail asap (have 6 day grace period)
  • Quickbooks data entry (see QB doc)
  • Data entry of visitors and guests into Constant Contact (see CC doc) – from register, Visitor Information forms
  • Donation Receipts – fill out, get addresses from quickbooks file, mail
  • Filing and organizing of office
  • Update Google Calender on website – weekly classes and Sunday Program
  • Keep Doc of high school and university professors updated – enter as get, from VI forms and register
  • Create Doc of Yoga Studios and Music Clubs – to facilitate kirtans
  • Help with monthly Newsletter as directed by Caru
  • Create Doc of all vendors from festivals – get name, vendor #, and phone numbers
  • Assist in implementing Intern Program with Local Universities (see Intern Docs)
  • Help create and facilitate a recycling program on Temple grounds – connect with city, sanitation
  • Annually review documents to keep updated
  • Harass Caru to sign Donation Thank You’s so that you can mail
  • Drop off mail at Post Office and projects at Penguin Copies
  • Keep receipts organized, file monthly, box annually after taxes are done
  • Assist Caru in festival PR – create informational packets and drop off at local high schools and universities

Publice Radio Stations for Public Service Announcements

  • High School and University teachers
  • Yoga Studios
  • Volunteer list

Assist Temple Program Director in the following programs (as time permits):

PR & Community Relations

  • Set up & Plan luncheon for Academic Teachers – work with Programs Director
  • Create program to facilitate community clubs and organizations to have their meetings at the Temple/Govinda Cafe
  • Schools – Staff meetings
  • Chamber Meetings
  • Student Groups
  • Tour Guides need to be trained to offer first class tours and presentations
  • LDS YM & YW cultural programs – also service hours towards personal progress goals, send info of opportunities to YM/YW leaders

Devotee & Volunteer Program

Schedule and assign jobs for devotees & volunteers to help run Temple

  • keep food area clean and filled
  • 6pm should still be ready to serve food
  • 4pm – fill trays, clean crud, “police” it, juice, napkins, salt & pepper shakers filled…
  • bathroom trash taken out


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