Kirtan Yoga: Nurturing the Sounds of the Soul

By Steven J. Rosen (Satyaraja Dasa)Who hasn’t tried conventional yoga? Nearly everyone, at one time or another, has found themselves sitting with eyes closed, in a lotus position, perhaps, engaging various breathing techniques and focusing on some meditational image or conundrum. “The benefit that one attained in the Satya Age by meditation, in the Treta […]

Three Vaishnava Saints—Our Worshipable Family

By Karnamrita Dasa for on 21 Sep 2010Jiva Goswami’s library was in the Radha Damodara temple. His major contribution was his own philosophical writings. It has been approximated that he has written more than 400,000 Sanskrit shiokas and over 25 beautiful books like the Satsandarbha, Gopal Champu and others. Srila Bhaktivinode ThakurWe have had […]

Alternative Ways of Living

By Sesa Das for ISKCON News on 1 Sep 2010 In the Vedic sciences sound vibration is the most crucial element. It is through sound vibration that knowledge is transmitted and received. Sound vibration is the method for keeping our bodies healthy, and for transforming the physical world around us. Indeed, according to the ancient […]

Of Wildfires, Mudslides and Good Government

By Sesa Das for ISKCON News on 19 Aug 2010 To date 2010 has been quite an ecological test for political leadership around the world. The Gulf Oil spill disaster, which had mild repercussions in British and American relations, has been swiftly followed by massive wildfires in Russia and devastating mudslides in China. While governmental […]

The Fourth Estate

By Sesa Das for ISKCON News on 22 Jul 2010The recent news that Trinidad Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar took her Oath of Office by swearing on Srila Prabhupada’s Bhagavad-gita As It Is has reawakened long dormant questions in my mind. When I first joined ISKCON I was attracted by the devotees’ political activity in the […]

Seeing The Spiritual Nature

By Krishna Dharma for on 15 Jul 2010Once Srila Prabhupada was in discussion with a scientist who was averring that nature was the cause of all phenomena. “Why do you propose a God?” he asked.
Prabhupada replied, “But when you say nature you must also say whose nature. It cannot exist independently.” It is an […]

The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome

By Charles Siebert for The New York Times on 7 Jun 2010The scale, speed and intensity of the response were striking. The subject of animal abuse, especially the abuse of pit bulls in dog-fighting activities, has achieved a higher profile after the 2007 arrest of the N.F.L. star Michael Vick for operating an illegal interstate […]

Of Dialogues and Debates

By Venkata Bhatta Dasa (Vineet Chander) for ISKCON News on 11 Jun 2010In the last six years or so, I’ve become something of an interfaith dialogue “junkie.” I’ll admit that I’ve had some of my most profound, meaningful, and “Krishna conscious” exchanges with practitioners of other faiths. In the last six years or so, I’ve […]

Passing On a Legacy of Debt

By Ram Vilas Dasa for ISKCON News on 3 Jun 2010While in America, people purchase homes with many bedrooms — one for the husband and wife, one for each child, and one for guests — these are often not used. People keep room for their children, but the children prefer to stay away from the […]

Draw Muhammad. No, Wait…Don’t

.By Vineet Chander for Om Sweet Om on 20 May 2010That old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words may need to be revised. Pictures of the prophet Muhammad have generated perhaps millions of words this week alone, without even being drawn. Indian artist M.S. Husain created a stir with his erotic portrayal […]