You Are What You Grow

By Michael Pollan for The New York Times on 22 Apr 2010A few years ago, an obesity researcher at the University of Washington named Adam Drewnowski ventured into the supermarket to solve a mystery. He wanted to figure out why it is that the most reliable predictor of obesity in America today is a person’s […]

Fear and Loathing in Heaven?

By Satyam Kaswala for ISKCON News on 11 May 2010As I was driving down an interstate road late one breezy spring night, I read a billboard signed by God. But I felt no tranquility, no joy. My lips grew so heavy I could not smile. I was gripped by a strange, suffocating unease. “DON’T MAKE […]

Village Life: Our Philosophy, Our Education, Our Lifestyle

By Bhakti Raghava Swami on 29 Apr 2010Benjamin Franklin is just one of the many famous politicians of the past who appreciated the virtues of village life. Benjamin Franklin is just one of the many famous politicians of the past who appreciated the virtues of village life.“All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are […]

Evolution of Cartoon Science

BY: VIKRAMASINGHADAS (N.L. STEWART)Apr 24, 2010  — National Geographic Society recently devoted an entire issue to Charles Darwin and his speculations regarding the origin of species. Their agenda was to show how Darwin’s ideas are now widely accepted by scientists and researchers while most religious leaders reject Darwin due to their blind faith in scriptures. […]

Vows, Weird News and the Real World

By Sesa Dasa for ISKCON News on 22 Apr 2010On April 15th the devotees of Lord Krishna world-wide began the celebration of a very special time, the month of Purushottama Adhik Mas. Purushottama is a name for Lord Krishna that means the topmost person. Adhik means extra and mas means month. To help the lunar […]

Primary and Secondary Considerations of Religion

By Sesa Dasa on 15 Apr 2010I I am utterly fascinated by how frequently major mainstream media cover God, religion, and spirituality. I am even more amazed at how consistently they get it wrong. Not wrong in the sense that only atheistic views are presented. Rather, wrong in the sense that they fail to get […]

A Hard Sell

BY: SWARUP DASApr 11, 2010 CALIFORNIA  — At a time when the Vietnam War was raging on and the Peace Movement was growing, Srila Prabhupada arrived in America and presented Bhagavad-gita As It Is, a scripture in which Krishna chastises Arjuna for being a pacifist, and tells him to get onto the battlefield and kill. […]

In God We Trust

By Sesa Dasa on 1 Apr 2010If you had one chance, a single unique opportunity, to present Krishna Consciousness to a Joint Session of the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate, the legislative branches of the most powerful government on the face of the Earth, what points would you stress? What […]

Hindu Shoes and Missed Lessons in Globalization

By Sesa Dasa on 11 Mar 2010There are two possible explanations for this fiasco. One: some marketing executives were sleepwalking during their inter-cultural orientation training, or two: there is something more sinister afoot. Either way, since American shoemaker Keds Shoes began to promote its Hindu Keds Shoes line, my affinity for the sneaker maker, an […]

Chanting and Meditation Can Lower Blood Pressure

By Nick Harding for Daily Mail (UK) on 16 Mar 2010Despite living what doctors described as a ‘virtuous life’, Claudia Zeff was at risk of heart disease. A genetic predisposition to high blood pressure meant she faced a lifetime of medication and the risk of health problems in later life, including stroke and kidney damage.  […]