Internships – Events & Programs DA

Position: Events & Programs Director Assistant
– 1 PT position, 10 am to 3pm, T – Sat, and all events, 1 hour lunch

Supervisors: Caru Das, Vaibavi, Nitya, Merlin

Planning, set up and onsite management of festivals and cultural events

Duties Include:

  • Planning, organizing, & implementing ongoing events & festivals
  • Seven festivals annually, Shiva Ratri (500 attendance), Holi (15,000 attendance), Himalayan Fest (800 attendance), Llama Fest (3,000 attendance), India Fest (3,000 attendance), Festival of Lights (1,000 attendance)
  • Coordinating with local university performing arts programs/drama clubs to do skits & plays for events (exception: Morgan High, Adam Clee, drama teacher) – using our scripts only
  • Producing and directing dramas as needed w/universities
  • The art of postering for an event
  • Event promotions
  • Costumes & stage management (working w/universities’ productions)
  • Airport – drop off and pick up of out of town artists
  • Coordinating hosting out of state artists
  • Tours of local area with artist
  • Negotiation of artist fees
  • Itinerary coordination
  • Scheduling workshops for visiting artists at local universities that artists can be paid for
  • Promote kirtans at local yoga studios
  • Advertising and PR of all events – promoting
  • Flyers
  • Coordinating the activities of Om Shanti Retreat
  • Skills – apprenticing how to organize and conduct a retreat to benefit participants
  • Script and play writing project for drama departments of local universities
  • Create contact portfolio w/universities
  • Interfaith Conference, Luncheons for teachers and professors
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