ISKCON MIday Meal Program Awarded

 Two of those people, of course, were Radhanath Swami and Radha Krishna Dasa, whose ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) program is part of the Government of India’s Midday Meal Scheme, which aims to give poor children from slum and tribal areas better nutrition, improve their school attendance, and reduce the drop-out rate.

Radhanath Swami and Radha Krishna Dasa ascended the stage to receive the award on behalf of IFRF at 8:30pm, right in the middle of the evening, when the maximum number of people were present.

Accepting the award from Congress Committee President Kripashankar Singh and cricket bowler Zaheer Khan, Radha Krishna thanked the Bhamla Foundation and D.Y. Patil group for presenting IFRF with this prestigious award in the category of Best Organization in Social Work.

“I gave a brief introduction about the activities of IFRF,” Radha Krishna recalls, “And explained that we now serve 270,000 meals in Maharastra to underprivileged schoolchildren every day. I concluded by telling the crowd, ‘This is all inspired by and executed under the vision and guidance of His Holiness Radhanath Swami,’ then handed the microphone to Maharaja.”Read more …

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