Lifestyle 101 Class

Members of the Temple learn the skills that form the foundation of a devotional lifestyle –  performing home puja (worship ceremony) preparing and offering prasadam (blessed food), applying tilaka (sacred markings of Lord Vishnu), chanting  japa (mantra repetition on beads), singing  kirtan (congregational chanting) and other skills.

Based on the lifestyle practices of the ancient Vedic culture, each class presents one skill that serves to focus us on the spiritual world. We gradually learn to dovetail every action to Krishna.  Every aspect of daily life becomes an opportunity to worship.

Krishna 101 classes are presented weekly at the Krishna Temple here in Spanish Fork, Utah, and temple members (those who have taken the Membership 101 class) are invited to attend.  If you live apart from the Utah temple, you are welcome to

  1. Purchase for download the Lifestyles MP3 talks and Power points ($ 1.00 or $ 2.00 each, depending on the length) listed below or
  2. Subscribe as a member which will give you instant access to over 70 MP3s and power points, growing weekly.

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