Paneer Delight


Sachamoti Sago: 250 GMS.
Paneer :  250 GMS.

Milk : 200 ml

Mango (Ripe)
 watermelon1 Slice 

Sugar 4-Tablespoon

Strawberry Milkmaid : 1 Tin
jelly crystals : 85 GMS. ** Moshams chain stores throughout NZ carry bona-fide jelly from Pakisthan

Desiccated Coconut : 50 GMS.

Food Colour: Red & Green 

Ghee : Small amount to fry
Decorative : Almonds, Cashew and Raisins
Chop the fruits into small pieces and keep ready. Heat 200 ml of water and dissolve the crystals in it. Add 200 ml. Coldwater & place it in the fridge to set in a container. Cut it into small pieces. Beat paneer with sugar and milk in a mixer to get a smooth paste. Add a little saffron dissolved in Milk. Bake the paneer till a golden crust is not formed on the top. Fry Sachamoti sago in one tablespoon of Ghee and enough water to boil. Cool it and add milkmaid to it. Place the baked paneer in a round bowl and trim off the excess. Mix all the chopped fruits, nuts, cardamom with the sago and milk mixture and pour it on top of paneer. Decorate with coloured desiccated coconut pieces. Chill for 2 to 3 hours and Serve cool.

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