Hidden from the Enemy

Krishna knows how to protect you. Just as He can make blind eyes see, He can make seeing eyes blind. He can make you INVISIBLE to people and circumstances that want to harm you.

One devotee said “Lord, You have not handed me over to the enemy, but you have kept me in a SAFE place”. Hare Krishna.

We all have things trying to stop our destiny, but like with Arjuna, Krishna kept him in a SAFE place. Krishna ‘s not going to let you be found. You may have difficulties now in your health, your finances, your marriage, you could live worried, panic, “What am I going to do”?

But when you know you’re in a SAFE PLACE, where Krishna has you HIDDEN, you can live in peace. When trouble comes, you don’t fall apart, give up on your dreams, you know: Krishna has made you INVISIBLE to the enemy.

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