Saved To Serve

This Sunday when priests, pastors, and rabbis look out over their congregations in temples, churches, & synagogues, they see an army of soldiers that need to be on the battlefield, but instead they are asleep in the barracks.

We have not been saved to sit in a pew or to soak up scriptural truth. We have been SAVED to SERVE.

It’s proven that for optimal health you need to USE UP more calories than you CONSUME daily. If you consume more calories than you burn, you’ll gain weight, become lethargic, & suffer in yr health. Healthy life, successful life, is all about giving out more than you take in.

The tremendous, selfless effort of the parent to raise a child is only with the aim the child will in turn, become a parent and serve their children in the same way. The effort of a teacher towards his student…

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