Underestimated On Purpose

All the facts say “It’s impossible”, but KRISHNA ON PURPOSE will have you underestimated. When it seems the LEAST LIKELY, that’s when He shows up the GREATEST. Don’t get discouraged when you’re underestimated. It’s a setup. KRISHNA put you in that position to show Himself strong. When you defy the odds, everyone will know His favor is on your life.

When you’re outnumbered, out-sized, out-trained, out-educated, don’t be surprised if people discount you, tell you “You’re not talented enough, tall enough, strong enough, experienced enough”.

That all may be true, but what they can’t see is what KRISHNA put in you. They’re just looking on the outside, from a natural perspective, but you have something on the INSIDE, the seed of Almighty God. It will take you where you can’t go on your own. HARE KRISHNA

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