Being Respectful To Others

Don’t be TOO BUSY for the people supposedly UNDERNEATH YOU. Don’t deny them the time of day. Treat everyone with respect & honor. They are brought Xcross your path for a reason.

If you look at the lives of Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, some of their most defining moments came when they were interrupted. They were unscheduled interruptions. They were going from point A to B. They were scheduled to be at point B at a certain time and they were accosted by someone unplannedly and generally it was someone who was on a lower social status than they were.

How they responded to those interruptions are some of the most instructional moments in spiritual history. Don’t think of people as being underneath you, you never know who God is going to use. Don’t deny people the time of day. Treat everyone with respect and honor.

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