Catalyst Top 100

In its January 2013 issue, Caru Das was named one of the “Catalyst 100” top innovators in the State. “When you think about religion in Utah, you think about…the Krishnas?  In its January 2013 issue, Caru Das was named one of the “Catalyst 100” top innovators in the State. “When you think about religion in […]

Distinguished Speaker Award

Annually since 2005 Caru Das has received a “Distinguished Speakers Award” for participating in the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership Conference held every every May at the BYU Conference Center in Aspen Grove. Representatives from various religions each make an opening statement, after which the students, 250 – 300 high school sophomores, who have been chosen […]

One of the Fabulous 50

Caru Das was named with 49 others in the March 2010 issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Fabulousness is cropping up all over Utah Valley. We’ve got do-gooders who remain down-to-earth, innovators who thrive by going against the grain, and great minds gaining ground in their fields. And the best part of all? Our 50 most […]

Prayer in the Utah Senate

Caru Das was requested by State Senator Mark Madsen to deliver the opening prayer for the Utah State Senate in the capitol building in Salt Lake City. Senator Madsen & his family have been to festivals at the temple on several occasions & enjoyed them all. He accepted an invitation to say a few words […]

Temple Views Gallery

The world’s newest Hare Krishna temple is not on the chaotic streets of Mumbai or in the tepid rice paddies of Bangalore but instead surrounded by peach and apple orchards, hay pastures and the snowcapped peaks of southern Utah County. In fact, the newest Hare Krishna temple, though it looks all the part of a […]

General Information

We have two temples: One located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the other located in Spanish Fork, Utah. We are known for our beautiful temples, which are inspired by Rajasthani architecture from India. The Spanish Fork Krishna’s Lotus Temple was completed in 2001. The Salt Lake City temple was opened in August of 2019. […]

Beautiful Temple

Utah Krishna Pioneers

The thesis of this paper will address one major question: Why would a Hare Krishna consider locating a temple in low density, rural area of Mormon-dominated Utah? “Utah’s Krishna Pioneers”  by Chad Young This piece was written for a history class at BYU in 1994 Hinduism is one of the great religions of the world. […]

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple Utah Dome

Temple Groundbreaking

Situated on an elevated 15 acre plot in rural Utah, this 50′ high temple will be modeled after a famous devotional palace in India called Kusum Sarovar (temple on a lake of flowers). It will have a main dome 25′ in diameter surrounded by 12 other domes. There will be 108 arches and columns, sculptures, […]

Amazing and Unusual USA

Publications International has just produced a 320-page coffee table hardback which includes a picture of the Sri Sri Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah, and the following caption. “What could seem more out of place than a temple built in the middle of nowhere? A Hare Krishna temple built in this no-man’s land, which happens […]

Best Architecture

In the Spanish Fork News, the Krishna Temple was voted Best Architecture for 2009.

Global Excellence Award

“The International Society for Krishna Consciousness is pleased to present Caru Dasa and Vaibhavi Devi Dasi with the Global Excellence Award.  Their work constructing Vedic Temples is a shining example of the leadership and dedication required to spread Krishna consciousness throughout the world, and is an inspiration to the worldwide Vaisnava community.”   — International Society […]


Temple On a Hill

Two dedicated disciples of Srila Prabhupada have brought Krishna consciousness to the heart of Mormon country in grand style. According to folklore, Bishop John Coyle, a popular Mormon leader, publicly prophesied in 1947 that a great temple would be built on a certain hill in Spanish Fork, Utah. March/April 2010. Two dedicated disciples of Srila […]