Krishna Never Forgets

Let’s have the attitude. Krishna, THANK YOU for remembering my dreams. You put them there in the first place. Thank you for remembering my destiny. Thank You for giving me a part to play in Your grand designs. Thank you for engaging me in Your service. Thank you that me and my family will serve the Lord! Hare Krishna.

What is it you think Krishna cannot do? Do you have a family member, a relative you think is too far gone? A co-worker, a friend, a neighbor you think too cynical, too much of a partyier. Is too sarcastic? Krishna has not written them off. Krishna remembers them. & when He remembers, supernatural things are going to happen.

There was no crime which Jag and Madhai have not committed. And yet, when they became KC their MESS BECAME THEIR MESSAGE. More people, after hearing of their conversion, became devotees than would have had they not been criminals. Krishna had a plan for their lives all along.

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