Still in the Game

No matter what life sends our way, our attitude should be “I’m hurting but I’m STILL HERE.” A Friend did me wrong, but I’m STILL HERE. Business is slow, BUT I’M STILL HERE. Didn’t feel like coming to the temple today, but here I am. You gotta have a “made up mind. I’m going to stay in the game.

You’re not going to be faithful “as long as you feel perfectly well, x long as everybody treats you right, as long as the weather is good.”

No. You’re out to please the Lord, bring your character up higher, put a smile on His face, “I’m hurting but I’m STILL showing up. Boss didn’t treat me right, but I’m STILL getting to work on time, being my best. My child won’t speak to me. It’s breaking my heart, but I’m STILL doing my rounds. I’ve STILL got a smile. I’m STILL being good to people, STILL giving Krishna Praise Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

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